Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sorry I've been away. Medical issues and such. But I'm back now and will be updating blog.... Perhaps redesigning it as well.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dishsoap Bar vs burnt on-stuck on

The family keeps insisting on using these commercial chemical products
found at the grocery store. I use my all natural dish soap bar ... you can
find it at ... and a bit of time. It cleans
everything...naturally and smells good too. They made fun of me....until
today. Haha

Here we have a Dutch oven that was gonna be tossed. In it was over
cooked....ok...burnt beyond recognition eyed peas. Imagine...even
the bottom was burnt, the're was a crust that was 3 inches high on the
inside. I was told they boiled it a few times trying to loosen up the black
charcoaled base...but they were using dishwashing liquid. I was told "its
hopeless, throw it out!" Was laughed at when I said, "I think I can save
it!" was gonna be tossed anyway so what's the harm in trying,

I cut a sliver off my dishsoap bar and put it in the pot along with 4
inches of water....just higher than the crispy crust. I let it boil for
about 30 mins, turned it off and let it cool until it was safe to touch.
Looked crazy yucky but I knew it wasn't gonna stay that way. Then I go out
a standard copper pot scrubber and a piece of dishsoap effect
making my own brillo pad type thing....I totally suds up the scrubber and
got to work. One section at a time...10 mins later I have what you see
here. The inside took the biggest hit...some of the enamel had burned
completely away....but what wasn't compromised by the burn is clean and
ready to use. As long as it holds water...I'm gonna use it. Nature versus
chemicals....ha nature wins!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whats the diff?

Both say zinc free, 12 hour hold, so what's the difference? The Polygrip DOES have zinc (.02%) which in folks, like myself that's allergic... That's .02% too much. It caused me to have neurological symptoms... In fact I thought I was about to have another stroke until someone mentioned that there is a small amount in there so maybe stop using it and see what happens.

The Secure has NEVER had zinc....not in trace amounts or otherwise. Yes it does hold  12 least. Haha at 20 hours it had just as strong of a grip as it had on minute one. Removing it was a bit of a challenge.... There was no goo. There was gummy but no goo. That was after you felt the teeth 'lift' ...once it does that, they come out in about a minute with a good rinse, then brush and peel away the gum and start over.

The cost is comparable...the product is nature based...even with cost for delivery. I live with many allergies on a me, its totally worth the investment. Also since the teeth stay firmly attached thru hot soup, salad, cereal, etc. Foods I've really missed....chips! Secure allowed me to eat an entire bag......nothing gets under. In fact...the only thing that stopped me from eating too many.....I was full....and very aware of how many calories I was consuming. Great stuff.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Find the mid-line?

Say what? If you don't know all them dental terms and you tell the dentist that your dentures are don't want to hear find the want to know what to plain old everyday English!

I fussed that my teeth felt uneven, especially after the gums tightened up and shrunk...I was told 'look for the mid line' and line them up. Ya ok. Well after eating, I clean my teeth and put them back in if it isn't bedtime. Well today, after a very good pb and j...I had to take more time cleaning them...and that's when I seen it....they ARE uneven...or center. But knowing that, I can adjust the way I put them in. Tried it...even with the "midline" method....lining them up the way they fit in mouth works a lot better than mid-line placement at the freenum thing. It took a little practice without the adhesive, but now I can do it without thinking about it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Survival Day today is my stroke Survival day. Know the FAST signs.... it can save your life.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Braided air conditioning.

The flat ironed hair poofed in less than an hour from the rain, even though I wasn't in the rain ...the moisture in the air did its job. Sunny outside...then the heat came and the sweat felt like I was wearing a hat. I braided it down....freehand, no comb so some of the parts are uneven but that's ok...its cool and comfy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flat ironed my hair

...and 20 mins poofed up! Mom was witness. Haha mid-sentence she goes, " right at you and still not believing I'm seeing it." As it had started raining outside annd my hair became a big round bush. Haha curly happens!