Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mango Papaya two

Rice bran oil, palm, canola, and a sprinkle of salt to soften the skin, combines with soft green, blaze orange, and 14k gold to tease the eyes while the scent of mango papaya imerse your senses.

I gave the top a heavy dusting of micas so the colors will pop and tomorrow when its cut you will see the swirl.

In the meantime....the new you can see, resulted in minimum clean up.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crock pot.......nope

Found a crock pot.........covered in like 30 years of spiderwebs and dust....nope...its a "penncrest cooker fryer" of course I had to get all the dust and such off of it to read that on it. Gotta test if it works but I have decided to go ahead and buya crock pot. This cooker/fryer has more intensive temp controlss than I need.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

4d butterfly bookmark

Love this thing!

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Fresh cut roses

Notation....this accelerates....don't do fancy swirls with this scent. Smells lovely and strong.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun with soap!

So I've been practicing getting good pics in natural lighting that are less than boring. I made a "soap hinge" and tried to take a pic but the background was center stage.

The first attempt showed my whole street and the soap became background...that won't do. So I got closer. Still had a house in the background...but only the windows.

Then I got an idea....I switch the camera to the front so there was an amazing view of the soap...and my waist. I moved myself out of the way and squated down at a precarious angle....and voila!

A pic where only the soap is the center of attention. Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke...I took another...even better. This will be one of the methods for taking pics in the future.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You sexy thing you....cut and curing

...and looking beautiful! I was trying to create a heart in the. swirl, did it once before by accident. was trying to duplicate it on purpose.

in the meantime is smells amazing, gonna buy much more of this scent.

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Baby Powder soap....nearly sold out

Ya...I know....sorry about that. I'll make more soon. A sister soap who is willing to finish curing it...bought 10 bars. I put a bar of Kiss and Tell in as a thank you.

God always sends me an angel and this order came in direct and left me with the exact amount + 1.00 of a bill due today, and on the same day...a. cash order came in that covered the cost of shipping. So when all is said and done, it evens out since I don't have to use the money from the bigger sale to pay for shipping since I had it in cash already.

When the baby powder soap finishes curing...there will be 5 available.

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Color popped

From pastel to vibrance. The gelling process brought out the color and brightness I was looking for.

The coral reef blue is a deep turquoise now. You can see the sparkle in the pink. I can't wait to cut this open!

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"You sexy thing you" soap

This soap smell amazing...however. its the design I am hoping will take center stage.  I'm hoping to see a heart when I cut it open.

I used 82nd Avenue (a flat magenta pigment) which I mixed with diamond dust mica to get a mica type sparkle....this used as one color. The second color was coral reef blue...a turquoise color with sparkle. I layered these after letting it thicken a bit and then I used a spoon shaped spatula and did a spoon type / loopy swirl....then I turned the whole mold around and did it again.

The color looked kinda light and I was thinking "oh no...its gonna be pastel!" I wrapped it up and put it to bed. But after gelling...I woke up to the vibrance I was looking for.

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