Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weighted two stand twists with a halo twisted front.

Although I did change the halo to a single braid one day, split twists another, and a large lateral flat twist the next day. Came home and washed my hair. Now I'm gonna twist up the rest of it.

Mirror in waiting...

The wait is over. After making sure the glue was still intact and secure, I edged the spacer with extra tacky duct tape....the kind found at auto stores, making it the best thing to bind glass and plastic. I made sure I had centered it so both sides of mirror would have the same "border" then I snipped in 1/2 inch tabs all the way around on both sides of the tape. I went ahead and smoothed down a 3 inch section to give myself a handhold, enabling me to finish snipping. Then I worked one side....then the other, then I burnish rubbed both sides making sure I had full adhesion from the tape. Then of course I cleaned the mirror. 

Now while I work on the frame I won't have to worry about raw edges from the glass or slippage or failure from the glue. The glue I used was not designed for attaching plasic to glass so it was at best...a temporary fix.

Now even if I don't create a frame in a timely manner...I don't have to worry about injury from my fave doublesided mirror. This gives me time to comtemplate what kind of frame I want. This mirror may never be on a stand again but I can always hang it up....and even make a built in hanging loop in whatever design I do. Time will tell. Continue to stay tuned. Call this episode 2. Hahaha

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weighted two strand twists

Why wait till day 3 for your twists to puff and hang when you can have the same effect....30 seconds after finishing. Place a mini duck bill clip on the end of each twists as you do them...spray with water and let them hang until dry. They may still take 3 days to fully puff but they won't unravel and they will hang at full length. If you have a shortage of hair in sections from the nape up...when you run out of clips...take a hair band and anchor that section...remove the clips and start the next section. Leave the hair bands in over night and cut them off in the morning. Sleep on a satin pillow or use a bonnet. This protective will last up to a month.

Special project revealed

I was asked to "fix this" blank ballons...when the sentiment was to be added...4 different markers failed. They didn't know about the coating on mylar baloons. The alcohol in the ink dissolves the coating and sticks to the tip....making a sharpie stop dead flow and the balloon to lift the coating down to the silver other words...a mess.

Since I knew about mylar's failure to play well with others...I knew to use a ceramic marker...permanent marker--water based. So I turned it from the first one with the many the pics you see. I'm sure the recipient was well pleased.

Rosette earrings

I actually made this pair of rosettes a while back but i hadnt decided what to do with them...well today was crazy and there was not gonna be time for a nap so i turned them into earrings. Then....almost as an afterthought ...i realized i was wearing my pink and white sweater so i went ahead and wore them to work.

Haircut- 2nd day

This is what i work up to. Face framing hair instead of "hello hair" loving the hair cut thus far.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


1/2 inch in some places, a full inch in other places. Ack! But it had to be done. My hair experienced sporatic hair growth so i had strands that was longer than and fighting the strands in the next curl cluster over. Then it was drastically uneven...that was affecting my curl pattern. Anyway...this is what im working with now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Curlformers on dry hair with flat twist front...results

A too long in the front mohawk, haha. Soft, shiny, and very effective...gonna do this again. By the way I found the bottle of setting lotion...its called Lustersilk set & style lotion. So here's the pics. I will be styling it differently tomorrow...mohawks should never hinder your vision. They're supposed to center your thoughts not bblind ya. Haha stay blessed.

Claws chopped off!

Had to have the nails trimmed down. To my surprised...the removed portion equaled a full 1/2 inch. I knew they were getting hard to type with...but I dint realize they had gotten that long. Here's how they look now.

Curlformers on dry hair...with a twisted front progress pics.

I flat twisted the front in a round the world pattern using very small sections so it will blend with the curlformed back.  I then sprayed it with the same setting lotion solution I applied to the rest of the hair. I'm leaving it to dry this way comepletely. I will show the finished results when its all dry and finished. In the meantime here's the pics I took...start to finish of the process.

Curlformers on dry hair

Currently I'm trying an experiment...iim curlforming the back of my hair DRY.  The hold wasn't lasting on damp hair and wet hair didn't necessarily dry in time for me to get ready for work. Then I got an idea...I detangled and grabbed small sections and used the entire pack on the back of my head. Then I lifted each section of the curlformers and sprayed water on my roots. I figure gravity will pull the moisture down the hair shaft and that will get the curled hair wet...then it will dry with a firmer set.  To test my theory I took one out after 20 mins....the end of the hair was in fact damp. So of course, I put it back so it can dry. With the rest of the hair. Will let you know how it comes out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poof proof hair

This video:   poof proof hair  shows what i do on rainy days when my hair asorbs all the moisture in the air and poofs out till its practically strait. I. Poof-proof it. This method however will leave your hair moist to damp so if thats something you're opposed to...then another choice may be better for you.

Also...if you have the can dry the hair for 5 mins with a difuser or a bonnet type dryer making sure not to disturb the curl pattern. This will set the hair however it wont last long in rainstorms.

Without heat...the style will last all day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LOTD: French back, front Tuck

The look of the day....naturally presentable in a business situation...French back, front tuck. Ya I know...its not a halo...but its still a protective...and takes about 6 mins to do.

Today is a rainy day and I needed something that didn't start 3 inches and end at 9 inches. When you are doing an eval with someone who may not be familiar with the rise and fall of natural don't want to distract them with hair that's defying gravity while you are trying to show your skills.

To get the look...part hair from ear to ear. Place a part in the front where you want it, making 2 sections...then clip those sections towards the front. Now french braid the back from the nape to the crown and continue braiding till you reaach the end of the braid. If its humid may want to make the braid tighter so the hair won't puff or escape. Now...take the larger of the front section down...make a roll with your fingers blending the end of the braid into it. Anchor it down with cliip, barrette, bobbi pin or what ever. Now roll the other section and anchor it down as well. The longer your hair is...the larger your rolls will be...even if you roll tightly. Now with hands....smooth the rolls to be smaller at the back larger in front...this makes a smooth presentation. Adjust your bobbi pins if needed. Float a bobbi pin in the braid if its short to make sure it doesn't unravel if that's an issue for you. Done.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Twists unraveled

My twists unraveled halfway, by the time I got back to I unraveled the rest of the way. Put some hair pudding on it and just rubbed it comb or brush. Looks cute....moisturized....then I noticed....hanging lower than normal shrinkage allows, so I pulled it up... here's a length check. Unstraitened...6 inches. Which means it will be 9 or10 inches if I flat iron it. I am way tempted to flat iron it now...but its supposed to rain all week. The halo braid is still in tact. Will decide what I'm doing to the crown later.

A series of well put-together cats

That's the name of my fave blankey...with the words printed right on it. This is my fave cat on the blankey. After 11 years..its failing in a few places. If i don't find another one... I'll be patching this up. I don't like a lot of designs but when I find one I like...I  hold onto it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Hmmm thats new!

Took down my halo cuz i wore a fleece high colar shirt to work yesterday and fleece tends to snag in curly hair. So...took it down...noticed the only dry hair was in the back where the colar was. I dipped my comb in moisturizer and combed thru. Immediately 2 things happened....1. The dry crunchy went away and becuz of this halo method of care...comb thru is generally tangle free. And 2. My curl pattern has changed. Looks like a 3b instead of 3c/4a. Nearly strait compared to what im used to. Hmmm thats new! Not sure I'm liking that. Hopefully by the tiime it drys it will revert back to the tighter curl pattern i know. Hopefully its. Just weighed down from product or something and will go back to normal after a good cleaning. Anyway...thought I'd share.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Headboard Library almost fell on my head!

The one sound I can't sleep thru is a lawn mower. Ted was outside mowing the under my window...I woke up thinking "what is that?" No sooner than I get of the boxes of my headboard library fell where my head was. God ALWAYS sends me an angel! I can't make this stuff up...not that imaginative. Ironic that it was the box of knitting books. So I went outside and gave a very confused Ted a hug and said "Thanks for saving my life." To which he repled "ok...woke you up for work huh?" Haha so I explained it.

If you have a headboard with a built in book case....and you actually use it for advised this could happen to you too. I'm clearing all the books off of mine. From now on they going in a standard bookcase.