Friday, August 31, 2012

Rest in Peace Kylahsmom1

 Watch "497. Rest in Peace KylahsMom1" on YouTube  you will be missed but God needed His angel back and called you home.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Locks of love ... consider donating.

 Watch "496. Locks of Love donation...think about it!" on YouTube this place is wonderful. There is a lack of wavy and curly hair so donate it if you got it to and dont panic...i'm not saying cut off all your hair....they take partial long as the hair is 10 inches long. See my before and after, taken 1/13/2011, I still had plenty can do this!

I donated 10 inches and 7 inches was still left on my head...straitened. once curled up to what looked like 4 inches. Hahaha but my hair does that.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 side braids....but different.

So you love 2 side braids but you're a grown up and you have long hair. Here's a grown up way to rock this protective...first part your halo....split the part, braid it down on both sides and let it hang. Next part hair down the center. And braid 2 ponytails....this will make very thick braids depending on how long your hair is....pull each braid around the back and to the front of the head like a halo....just above the halo braids and pin down at the part. Repeat for the other one. Blend the tips of the braids inward or cover with a decorative barrette or headband. There you have it...side braids with a grown up flair that's suitable for work or an evening out.

Beat the heat with an updo

Feeling creative on a hot day? How about 3 flat twists on one side, 1 on the other. Part hair on the side with one twist, now pull hair back as if you're gonna make a low bun ad start twisting the ponytail to the left...wrap that around the base of your head and secure the end of the pony in front by the part...tucking in the end if necessary. Done....5 mins to cute.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Rocking the big pony

Ever noticed the full fluff of hair disappears when you go to make a's how to rock the big pony....part hair and clamp into 4 parts....the center ear...across back to other ear. Then 2 slanted slide parts from halo to ear...about an inch up from the edge. The center section use a sturdy hair holder. I broke hair gear with this style, and make the pony tail strait up and making sure its centered on top of your head. The back ...make a pony. The sides...bring together in front of the main pony and make a small one. Now lean over and bind all 3 sections together with a hair tie....not tightly...just enough to keep together. Then split the main the front pony in it and shake....this will cause it to fluff up but "fall" into a cascade. Love it!

To sleep...twist the small ponytails, split the main one into 2 or 3 sections and twist. Hold together to put a bonnet on it....wont fit in bonnet loose.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twisted pony

A twisted ponytail is not only a wonderfully simple and elegant style...its a great way to trim the ends. Smooth hair into a ponytail....use gel to control edges if needed.  Tie a pretty ribbon around the ponytail holder to cover it and give it a pop of "wow". Now take a silk or satin scarf and tie down the edges...letting the twists hang out....then grapping a inch wide section of hair...2 strand twist to the end. At this point, trim as you go...trimming off the end.

You can also wait till you finish with all the twists and then trim the ends When all hair is completed...double check that you got each one and trim as necessary. Enjoy the hair style for a week, wrapping at night.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 4 square updo4 square updo

This is actually one of my 5 min hair styles....but it doesnt look like it. Check out the video for a detailed tutorial. To start....part hair from ear to ear then right down the center. This will give you a 4 square pattern. Braid hair into 4 sections then start the vid and watch what to do.

 4 square updo 

Trimmed ends and a twisted pony

Needed a trim but didn't want to lose the natural and gradual taper of ends. Blunt cuts on natural hair looks the opposite of natural.

So I put the hair into a pony, detangled and twisted. Then I cut the ends off each twist....and will show the hairstyle, the hair is wrapped to let the edge control gel and my wet hair live together in peace...when its dry I will take a pic. Here you can see...I took off about in inch.
Stay tuned.

Is it jewelry or hair gear?...its both!

The newest innovation btpy Goody! Double wear 2n1 hair jewelry. Face it...we wear ponytail holders as bracelets and headbands as necklaces....this fun ideal allows you to do what you've always done anyway...elegantly. I've also included some random shots. check it out!