Thursday, April 28, 2011

totally random...but I had a great day!

first of all, since I'm the rookie...I have a "hello" route....want to know what that is....remove the "o", its the route that the veterans dont want or wont do. i call it an angels and demons route...cuz the first half are little angels, the second half act like their possessed get the picture.

I take a layover between the two cuz it allows me time to mentally prepare myself for the drama of the second half....basically i get prayed up so they cant steal my joy. well, while on layover, i noticed the clouds in the crossover mirror....looked really pretty, so i took a pic or two of can actually see me taking the pic if you look closely.

then at the end of the day, it started raining....not a big deal in Cincinnati this past week as it has rained everyday for the past week...anyway, it started raining....while the sun was still out. the weather in Cincinnati, always an adventure! anyway, upon leaving the lot....RAINBOW!!! I pulled back into the lot, into a safe place to park and took a picture of it.  Check this out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Braided Mohawk...finished.

Of course I could have also called it the twisted mohawk seeing how the
center is individual twists and the start and end of each braid is
twisted. But what makes a mohawk what it the sides...the sides
are mostly braided...hence the name. I had rolled the front earlier
which is needed cuz that's the only reason my chin length hair isn't in
my eyes. The back is still damp from the I'm gonna roll it up
tonight instead of dipping my head in water which is usually how I
finish my twists and let the natural curl pattern take over. Anyway
these are the best pics I could take to show it off being the only one
in charge of the camera....and having learned on Easter....not everyone
can figure out a camera app if it isn't their phone so zooming in isn't
an option to tell someone. Anyway....enjoy. I know I's at that
inbetween stage where it needs to rest to grow and the city has been
pounded with nearly~non~stop rain for days...forcast says it will
continue for another week.

I don't know about you natural diva's....but non stop rain for 3 days
makes my hair very tight and uncomfortable....2 weeks of the
stuff...braids. Even better....twists. Shake and Not trying to
deal with that when I wake up at 4 am for work. That is all.

Stay blessed.
~ ~
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Extra picture for antique roses

I was looking for this pic when I posted the earrings to artfire ( )...turns
out I never uploaded it to the was just hanging out on my
phone. No time to add it to listing cuz I have to return to work, will
do that when I get home from work though.
~ ~
:: ::

Back is done...

Anchored the rest in 3 braids and tucked them in rolls. I will finish
when I get home. The back only took me an hour so the center and the top
should be about the same amount of time invested. Of course you
know....will be posting pics of the finished style.
~ ~
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Deciding the center...

But isn't it so cool!
~ ~
:: ::

The building of the braided mohawk

The first step since the head curves is to decide a parting pattern. I
divided my hair into 3 parts. Part one was from the arch of my eyebrow
strait back ...this I anchored down with a braid. Then then I did the
same thing on the other side of the head...anchor the center section
with a braid and clips to make sure it's anchored tightly.

Now take one side down...part it in 3 sections...from ear to the center
section following the curve of the head. Place an anchor braid here
section 1. Then from the ear towards the back. Anchor (section 3). This
leaves the center section...should be shaped like a triangle. Anchor
(section 2). Repeat with the other side section.

Now decide if you want to start towards the front or the back and take
that anchor apart and split a small part following the shape of the
head. Start with a flat twist for about an inch and then finish that
with a braid...when you reach the end of the section...braid an
inch...then two strand twist the rest of the section to the end. I add a
little gel when I divide the 3 sections into two for the twist. Continue
until the section is complete...whether you started with section 1 or
section not touch section 2 until the other two sections are
done. When working section 2 some of the parts may start in the center
making for an interesting aspect. Or you can make zig zags or patterns.
The trick is to make sure what ever you do to the right side of head,
you also do to the left. If you run out of time or you just like the
look...leave the center free. Or....2 strand twist 1 inch sections.
~ ~
:: ::

Working on a twisted mohawk

The base of the free form braids are flat twisted...then braided...then
ends with a twist. The trick is to make the other side look the same and
then the center will be two strand twists. At least that's what popped
onto my head to do...we'll see soon.
~ ~
:: ::

Ultimate Sandwich...

Thin slices of Easter ham, roastiseree chicken and a chunk of prime
rib...the broth of all 3 and 2 slices of wheat bread. Ya that'll hold me
till breakfast time.
~ ~
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Next to be listed on artfire

Stay tuned for the link
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:: ::

The hair...

It's a structured braid out. I don't do them often cuz it's a lot of
work but the end result is spectacular. Even little zig zags all over
the hair, it falls in place beautifully and evenly. A regular braid out
gives a freeform effect...but for an even but curly effect...for special
occasions...structured is the way to go.
~ ~
:: ::

Resurrection Day 2011 in lace...

This dress shocked me by fitting...with room. The ribbon in my hair is
from a gift bag given to me by my prayer partner. My brother was kind
enough to take the picture.
~ ~
:: ::

Also in the bag!...

Is this apple~cinnamon candle, my daughters fave scent and this
beautiful ribbon....gonna wear the ribbon in my hair don't you know
it!!!! The candle I will give to my daughter...because she lives miles
from here. I'm allergic to even if she burns the candle 2
seconds before she comes for a visit...the travel time from her place to
mine will neutralize any trace of it on her. Haha I'm not one of those
suffer in silence types and I'm not gonna let it collect inches of dust
just cuz I can't use it either.

And then the tissue paper inside the bunny bag...which is gorgeous by
the way...very delicate with spring flowers all over and glitter! I love
glitter!! And then there's the card....purple with a single
lily....gonna hang that up somewhere. It's a wonderful day. Gonna go do
other stuff now....and blog you later!
~ ~
:: ::

Ears first! do you eat your chocolate bunny? Good question huh! Someone at
church asked me that and I told him "ears first...if I can't hear, why
should it? Haha"
~ ~
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Topi's earrings.

And now I remember why I discontinued this style...extra work needs to
be done to prevent them from spinning around. If the flat bead was
decorated on both sides it wouldn't be a problem but with the decoration
only on the front....limits what can be done with the top linkage.
Anyway...she'll love them!
~ ~
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