Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Melted Vitafusion gummy vites....here's how to fix it.

Needed..2 tbs powdered sugar or flour, 2 forks, a bowl big enough to hold the contents of the vitafusion gummys....perferably with a lid.

My gummy vites melted becuz of the Cincinnati heat wave. A week ago, I noticed they were sticky....then I go to get two out, they were melted together in a mass. 12.00...stuck together, folks giggling, not throwing them out.

If this has happened to you, shake them up as much as possible to get them off the sides and bottom...store the bottle in the fridge upside down for a few hours to let them solidify. If you try to scoop them out while still melted and soft...the doses will get blended. When cool, take a fork and work them out into a bowl. Once they are in a bowl...using two forks...work all the vites apart . Now cover them with the flour or sugar. If you are using a bowl with a lid...cover and shake well until all are covered. If not using a covered bowl, stir well until the powdered sugar/ flour sticks to all of them. It is now safe to put them back in the bottle. If they do melt again....they won't stick to each other.

The next bottle I buy...I'm gonna just spinkle in some powdered sugar and give them a shake before I even take the first one. Save myself the time consuming process of having to unstick them.

My crochet braid pattern

Here I braided the hair in the back towards the center, each left braid is paired with a right braided and anhored in place with a small black hair bands. When I got to the crown, I zigged the braid back and forth. I left the front alone.

This will be my style until I find some extention or I'll leave it in this pattern as it does look nice.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I rebatched my shampoo bar

Here is my overly harsh neem, and tea tree oil shampoo bar....cut into much smaller pieces. My hair requires a more fatted format or higher oil concentration. I melted it and infused it with grapeseed oil. Now its softer...I even killed that smell by heating it and allowing the neem smell to evaporate and then adding some peppermint. Had to be done...Neem for all the wonderful things it does for hair...smells awful. Tea tree oil for all the healing properties it has....stinks. Peppermint...wonderful but natual scent. Peppermint also has the ability to mask the scent of other things.

So its curing....becuz of the grapeseed oil....I'm gonna give it a longer curing time. But as you can see the finished product is gonna actually be more than the starting amount of 6 oz. This is an 8oz container I'm using to mold it....and it is slightly over the top. So far the experiment is a success.....if it works out I will. Also do the same to the other two bars. I ordered some aloe base to make a large batch of soap...but when trying somthing new...best to start small.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flip the cards!

 Watch "452. Portable patterns: let's make flipcards!" on YouTube 

I've been doing it for a few years...esspecially with patterns that are multi sized....multi panels, multi patterns...etc. then it occured to me that others don't do this. So I made a vid to elaborate. When a pattern is printed and the print is small...row 1 may blend into row 2 etc.  On more than one occasion, I've had to rip out a row becuz i had knitted a row 6 when i intended to knit a row 4. With this method, I can concentrate on one row at a time. Then any frogs is cuz of an oops that has nothing to do with the printed pattern....or even the patterns born in my head. Check it out.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flaunt...the cast off

The cast off of the loops and threads Flaunt yarn is as follows... k1, k1 and pass 1st stitch on eyelet over the 2nd, k1, pass st over...repeat across. When you get to last st...k1 and pass from lead strand. Trim the eyelet past that and secure it as a knot...then trim the ruffle.

I trimmed the ruffle at an angle so i could fold it toward the work....whipped stitched it down so the end would be invisible.....like the knot...couldnt see where it is on the finished work. When working with a yarn like this....everything beyound knitting shows up in an obvious way so take the time to conceal knots and the addition of new skiens, etc.

Another option, is to add regular yarn for one row then cast off on the next row which would encase the flaunt into the cast off.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Old fave, new trick: french braid out!

A loop braid....french braided from the back and the front twirs into a loop...this is not a new style...in fact its my "ol standby" style. What's new is this...it was done on wet hair, it shrunk...whiched caused a pulling effect. When we got back home....I removed the braid and gave my hair a shake. To my surprise, folks kept saying "I like yourre hair like that" or "you should wear that style more often." Really? Cuz this technically isn't a style. So I guess I'll call it a french braid out.

Loops and threads "flaunt" yarn

This is loops and threads flaunt yarn. This works up into a ruffled fabric. You only knit the eyelet loops and let the rest hang and form a ruffle. The tension of the stitches cause the yarn to draw up into the ruffle making a complicated looking work that's so easy, a new knitter can do it without much more instruction than a glance at the back of the label.

However....there was a knot in this skein....which a beginner may not know how to resolve...so therefore I made a few vids on working with this yarn that are posted now. To resolve a knot...or for that matter...to join a second ball of yarn, cut the yarn before an eyelet and match up the last available eyelet of free end of the old strand, with the first available eyelet on the free end of the new strand. When knitting....the needle goes into both of the overlapped eyelet stitches and is knitted as one stitch. This allows the two ends to be virtually seamless and practically invisible when the next row or two is knitted over it.

 the how too is here in vid 446. "Flaunt" it if you got it 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knit along 2...complete

Start to finish the knit along 2: right leaning diag is done...here are many pictures....at different phases.