Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye old friend!

This is my handle anything mug....has 3 handles. It was the first thing
I bought with the first Westwood lot location paycheck from Petermann 9
yrs ago. Before that I drove the blue and white buses...same company.
When I got transferred...I was officially a yellow bus driver. This was
my reward. Well...coming out of the dishwater...the chip has graduated
to a crack....that goes down the length of the cup and the 3rd handle
broke off. In case don't have anymore...I figured I best
immortalize it. That way if need be...I can show it when trying to
explain that I'm looking for a 3 handle cup if I have to scour the
malls. If that doesn't happen....good bye old friend thanks for all the
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Two things amazes me...

This pot....age has worn the bottom to a point...yet it always look
perfectly balanced and never spills whatever you cooking in it. 2...the
heating element on our red....but everytime I try to take a
pic of it...shows up blue...go figure that out!
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Ivory update...redirected pattern.

Pattern redirect complete. Now the design will hang out on the foot.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ivory update...

Just trying it on....nice! Don't want to take it off, so soft, but I
gotta in order to finish knitting it.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leg is done...turning the heel tomorrow.

But here's what I don't get...on size 2 needles....bigger sts...took me
3 days to get to this point. Size 00 took today. That's
all. Much faster even though I kept stopping. Small needles...hard on
the hands. Yet the work went faster....who knew. Anyway...more pics to
follow soon.
~ ~
:: ::

Ivory socks...

The remake. These are on size 00 dpns instead of two pair of size 2
circs like the previous attempt. They fit better, has the hug effect
and most fits the gauge. From now on...I'm not gonna
pay attention to the yarn saying use a size 2...I'll pay attention to
the gauge instead. I seem to get much better results that way..
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Strait and styled in a pageboy flip

This is how I used to wear my hair when I was 20. Here's what you
do....comb all the hair up like you're making a ponytail...roll the ends
around fingers towards back and anchor it down on the scalp like a
really large french roll. Let it stay that way at least an hour. Wrap a
scarf around it if you're gonna leave it up overnight. When you take it
down....comb it back, hold head back and give it a shake. Smooth into
shape. Done. Simple...and dramatic.

This is without a setting lotion or gel...however you know your hair, if
you need a styling aid...go for it.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pic delay

Been waiting for blog to update the pic I sent but it isn't cooperating. Subsequently... did show up on facebook and twitgoo so it's just a matter of the blogger server updating. It has had issues today. The post has the title "strait and in a pageboy flip" or something like that. Blessings.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Length check...straitened hair

First dry press...straitened about 90%....falls to my lips. I think it's
actually growing faster these days! Next length check, end of April.
~ ~
:: ::

Starbuck cups

My ceramic starbuck cups...took them with me...cuz now there's a
discount attached to bringing your own cup...but I've always liked that
they wrote my name and perfs on the paper I said "could you
write that on the cup like it was paper?" he said sure...let me be right
back....he went and got a sharpie. This says peppermint mocha, no whip
cream for Kay. Now all I have to do is hand them the cup
everytime....unless of course I decide for a particular day to have a
different drink such as a plain Pike with cream. It's simple...but it
makes me happy. Also...this won't wash off...should I decide I want
something different written on it or say time fades it with
dishwashing....cotton and alcohol....erase...start over. Haha

It did come off of the smaller cup, but one trip back to get a latte fixed that issue...I just had them write it again.
~ ~
:: ::

Length check....curly hair.

And this just stretching it while it's wet. It's even longer when it's
straitened with heat.
~ ~
:: ::

The ivory pair is progressing nicely...

You can really see the stitch detail in the solid color. Altough on a
size 2 needle, seems like too many stitches. Gonna try the smaller
version next.
~ ~
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twister braids.

With parted sections...start 2 strand twists, about 1/2 way thru the
section pick up a 3rd section of hair and join into a braid. Very quick,
very cute.
~ ~
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking like a samurai. Haha

Took hair down. Front keeps plopping in my eyes. No longer defys I anchored it on top of head....then I looked in the
mirror...gave me a giggle so I'd thought I'd share before I take this
clip out.
~ ~
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Look of the Day

For 3/22/11. When everything comes together just gotta
share it.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011


As you can see...the self striping yarn....interesting effect.
~ ~
:: ::

Done. CBG Rossette

Instead on an icord...I'm gonna do a cast on/cast off cord. This CBG
(caught being good) rosette is ready to gift.
~ ~
:: ::

Rosette with a twist...

This time I used a self striping sock's gonna have an
interesting effect.
~ ~
:: ::

Peek a boo....socks

They are not only the perfect length but when I wear boots like
these...sometimes the leather scratches cuz I don't wear stockings...the
socks are taking care of that...and with the scalloped edging of the
boots...the socks are giving a peek a boo effect. Gotta love that!
~ ~
:: ::


And since there was a lot of blue bleed from the's hoping
it dries a lighter color. Hahaha

The stitches have already started tightening up and evening out...and
the yarn overs in the lace have begun to "pop". Always, always, block
your work...even socks. I'm a goofy one...I have been known to gently
put wet socks on my feet and let them dry there. Haha what better way to
ensure they block to my size than to use my own feet. But not doing that
today...I'm going to bed and trusting they will be dry by morning.
~ ~
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The next pair...

In ivory to show off the stitch detail.
~ ~
:: ::


While on bus waiting for team to I am now wearing
these....have cast on second pair in ivory Red Heart Heart and
Sole....then had to stop and detangle it ...and I have just
noticed...every time I work with Heart and Sole there is a need to
detangle the pull skein. Think it's the processing...cuz after that it
works beautifully. Anyway...the only thing left to do with these is
to.blend the lead strands when I get home.
~ ~
:: ::

Starting the toe!

And then I will make another pair!
~ ~
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Placemarker twists....finished ...

And worn loose. The great part is I can put them back up much faster
since they are now individual twists now.
~ ~
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have reached "foot"....

Repeat...I have reached the foot. Won't be long now!
~ ~
:: ::

Serenity's replacement.

The serenity cup may have died but her replacement has just been brought
home. Check this's a ceramic mug with a locking cap and looks
just like the paper ones I have a stack of on the trash basket. The
ultimate in's permanent....and apparently there's a
discount if I take it to starbucks with me. Took me a min to get the
straw in there cuz unlike it's paper counterpart...this has a seal in
the inside of the lid that overlaps the spout. Literally blocks off
spillage but I use a straw in my starbucks this one had to
~ ~
:: ::

Place marker twists

Parted my hair like I was braiding and flat twisted the back. In
the front....gonna be micro twists but since it's late and I have to
work tomorrow...I simply made large sections....twisted the sections as
place markers. Each place marker will be the location for several twist
bundles. In the meantime...I twisted the place marker twists into a bun.
Looks really cute...may leave it this way for a while. In other is really growing...the hair in the back reaches the end of
my neck. This is month 3 in my re~challenge. The inch I cut off has
already grown back...onto new lengths!
~ ~
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The perfect red for me...

Is actually two. I used to mix fuschia as a base and a bright yellow
based red on top. Then lipfinity came out with a shade called
Wicked....which saved me the step of blending. When they went out of
production....the equal shade was Revlon colorstay 090. The shade in the
pic is 090. My skin....I have that "light bright" skin that seems to
change depending on the lighting...this shade looks right on me in
bright light, low light, any light.
~ ~
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

2nd sock is progressing....

And moving right on along. Should be at the heel turn in about an hour.
~ ~
:: ::

Lookie what the sock fairy blessed me with!

Deborah Norville Serenity yarn is on sale 2 for 5.00 at Joann's Fabrics
today. The Red Heart Heart and Sole was regular price....5.99 each, but
it's all good cuz I caught it on sale last time. Haha Norville around
here is usually 10.00 find it on buy it. Period.
No argument. That is all. Hahaha

This color is called paprika and it's a striping yarn not a speckle.
Learned my lesson on the speckle...sometimes the color pools in odd
places...and doesn't always match the other sock. Well, with know what you are getting ahead of time...stripes.

The plain Ivory, gonna make another pair of the Mystery Sock 09 so the
lace pattern can take center stage uninterrupted by the color variations
of the yarn....cuz plain has no variations. Ha

That's about 6 socks ahead of now though so just stay tuned pics will
post when they are done.
~ ~
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