Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving away stuff

 Watch "125. giving away stuff" on YouTube the first valid mailing address claims a single item. This is not a contest...these are not new products. I'm clearing out my product graveyard and this stuff has got to go. 1 per person please. Email your item choice and an address to send item to, wait 1 to 2 weeks for arrival and thats it. You can leave a comment that you claimed a particular item but please only put your address in email form not in this public forum.


Ambi -- claimed

Peppermint lotion --

Soaps --

Eco gel --

Better braids gel --

Aloe gel --

Sulfer 8 gel --

Skin so soft firming lotion --

Frutis conditioner --

Frutis style. Curl cream --

Friday, November 25, 2011

4 twists and a smooth back to a bun (4TSBB)

What do you think? I've been through about a dozen hairstyles already...trying to find appropiate and comfortable for Dads funeral. To create....part from ear to ear, make a pony tail with back half of hair. Split the front section into 2 halfs...split one section in half and twist those halves toward the ears directing to center. Split other section in half and repeat process. Gather the twists and anchor into a ponytail. Twist (or braid) ends of each ponytail....wrap and anchor the first twist to back ponytail. Wrap and anchor back twist to front ponytail. I may or may not add a bow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mom issued warning....

And folks should have heeded the warning: get your stuff out of the living room. Well...times up. Here you see the before....and after.

Never been the type to sort thru a bunch of stuff...thats why you get a warning to get your stuff....then whatever is left....gone, out, zapp!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Aloe gel vs aloe juice

No difference other than the juice is cheaper. Can you tell which wash was from the gel and which was from the juice? Neither could my reacted the the large bottle of juice wins.

Pays to shop around...

The small tube of aloe vera is 6.8 oz and cost 7.89 and has a few chemicals, the large bottle of aloe juice cost 10.49. All I did different...was walk further into the store. The aloe juice is food chemicals...and will last much longer than the gel. Pays to shop around....and I saved money too! Since the bottle is huge....I'm gonna keep the small bottle and refill it as needed. This will come in handy since the tube bottle is labeled "aloe vera". Either way...when i use it to clean my hair, I will have the benifits of both...pure a portable container.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intertwined Swirl

I took advantage of the curlformer straitened hair ( see vid #101: ) and braided into this style. Start with hair parted into 4 sections. Make the first braid at an angle on section 1....make all subsequent braids follow the path of the first one towards the center of crown. Now starting with the back section of section 2...braid towards the center of crown. The hair in front that meets in the center part, place a braid on the right, then left,then right...alternating this way until center front is done. Then braid the ends of the center braids together.

Now following the curve of the head, braiding the back towards the center same as the front sections. Anchor all the hair in a ponytaiil....roll towards front, then anchor the ponytail with a bobbi pin.

Looks complicated when done....but its a simple braid pattern....and will keep the hair off my shoulders.

Click here to view  vid #101  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Puff ball pink take 2

Puff ball pink take 2 ....cowl.

Size 7 needle, cast on 14 sts of red heart pretty n 2 rows...attach bernat puff ball pink...knit 2...and let the puff carry across...knit 2....repeat. there should be 2 sts inbetween each puff. Work until out of yarn, ending at an end not in the middle and attach pretty in pink...knit 2 row...making sure it isn't twisted...pick up 1st cast on st and knit it with the 1st st on the needle...pick up 2nd cast on st and knit it with the 2nd stitch on the needle, pass the previous st over...binding it off....continue across, matching the sts.  Done.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New technology

New tech is a great tbing. Here is the remote to my new converter box...only one in the whole store. Cost twice as much as the one that died but before i could gripe about that....i noted some features my old one doesnt have. It has two buttons at the top for for tv and one for the converter box. It has hook ups for video games to plug directly into it...and a vcr...and a 3rd for dvd players. The caption.....there are more than 20 different options for captions...color, size, fonts, background color, type face, etc. I got tired of fiddling with all the choices....before I stopped counting. No more two remotes tied together...just one remote that works! Loving this.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bernat Puff ball Pink...take 2

This is another puff ball pink scarf...but with a major difference in cast on and knitting. First i took Red Heart Pretty N Pink, which is a perfect match to Bernat Puff Ball Pink....and is the yarn I have been using for BCA items...and with a size 7 needle, I cast on 14 sts....and knit two rows. Then i joined the puff ball onto the right side of the tying a knot to the pretty n pink...I know...thats wrong haha then i carried what was left of the pretty in pink across a few sts and used a crochet hook to blend it in. Now ...knitting only the cord of the puff ball pink...i knit 2...carried the puff across...knit 2 etc. The smaller needle allows the cord to fit two sts on the work before encounttering the puff. Its a tighter knit....the frontal appeal has an aspect that would not be seen with the regular method of working with this yarn and the puffs are lining up much denser, tighter and closer together giving the back a marshmallow overload effect.

Interestingly enough....instead of having to hold the puff on the working strand out of the way...with this format....i have to hold the puff on the row below out of the way. The denseness of this technique is making the work on the needle push forward. Ahhh well, back to the knit of it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Its what you should do. If you have the right to vote...then get to is the day. Its free, its simple, they have free parking at most places. If that don't get you get a free sticker to sooth your inner child!

Monday, November 7, 2011

LOTD...with cool earrings

These are earrings blessed to me by sis Patsy at church. The hair is the cornrow braided halo, micro braided crown seen in a previous post.

The smile is courtesy of a routing change that allows me a 7 min break inbetween routes, a time for pure quiet...which as you can see here in this pic taken during my break...makes me smile.

Moving on along

This is 9 pattern thats about 1/3 complete of the finished project...part one.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cornrowed halo, micro braided crown

Ya just it sounds. I left the halo braid in while I micro braided the crown of my hair. Then I clipped it out the way and cornrowed the halo in 4 different patterns. This was not just for visual effect but for directional relief. The front is in 7 braids, going toward the back...the hair is still trying to hang towards the front....but it can't reach my eyes this way. Haha the sides are 5 braids each and going down on the right, wavy and down on the left and there are 7 braids on the nape and are going at an angle towards the center back.

It will be in this protective for a while.