Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Undefined curled puff

Using curlformers to curl braid sections behind a headband...I opted to leave the curl clusters in tact. This is the finished result. Hours later...I took a pic of it in my car before heading for home. No frizz, no flop, no kidding.  Give it a try...I did make a vid explaining the process you can check it out on youtube...I'm peepla7 on youtube.

Curlformers in a scarf...shhhh

Hahaha too funny. Today I was going to wear hair in a curlformers puff. Before I even put in the first curlformer...I put on a headband, smoothed my edges and then put the curl formers in going toward the back. I then put a scarf over it so the edges would be smooth. The only thing to do in the morning...remove the scarf, remove the curlformers, go out the door.  Ready to go hairstyle with acessories already added. not what happened. That's the kind of logic used by folks that wear rollers every night, take them out every morning, style hair and still be on time for work. Haha here's my reality...alarm clock went off, I started getting ready for work. When I got downstairs...mother nature decided " is as good a time as any" and I was shall we say ...detoured. so of courrse after the detour...getting back on track, got my boots on, got my keys, did my mini checklist...had everything but my sun glasses...oh well...headed off to work. When I got to work...I'm at the check in desk...they informed me they had no clue where my bus was and just "walk the lot". Hahaha the emergency the bus was lent for resulted in the bus being parked in a different location. So after taking 10 mins to locate my bus...and the zonar device is missing...I pretripped and was getting ready to go. A co-worker said "wow...pretty scarf!" I said "thank you" of course...but at that moment...I realized 2 things...1. I was still wearing the curlformers, 2. The scarf kept that a secret. Ha ya! So I decided to not worry about it and ran my route. So now I realize there are options. So...the LOTD-AM: a scarf. By the will be a puff of unformed curlformer curls. When I took them out the other day and didn't separate the curls...I liked the way it with the headband and that look...I'll have something unique. Yay! I will post a pic of that to when I do it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Curlformers style 2

This is my second time using the curlformers....on braids. Once again...only took an hour to dry. Will leave it like this for now...maybe style it later, but for righht now...just loving the fact that this look is consistant.

Curlformer results

Well now...where to begin...let's start at 5 a.m. alarm went off...I hit snooze...odd for me since I never do that. Usually by 5 am...I've already been up for 30 mins. Anyway at 5:20...having hit the snooze twice, I get up...wash up...came back upstairs to choose what I wanted to wear today. When I when to take off my night shirt...surprise...all those curlformers...forgot all about them.  They were so comfortable to sleep in that I didn't even realized I still had them in. Anyway....progression:  as you can see...they came out great. Soft, shiny, very springy. Then around 8:00 you can see...its fluffed up into the look of a second day twist out. Love that...usually have to way 2 days for that effect. Then in the car about to head for home...happened to look in the mirror...had to snap a picture. My hair looked BRIGHT red...and still looked great.

I simply can't wait to try this without the braids and see how fact....I'm thinking of taking out my braids to do just that. This was done with plain water, no gels, no moisturizer, no product. So I'm thinking if I add gel...the curl should last longer that way. Anyway...I'm very satisfied with the results.

Oh and I have to say takes me about an hour or two to do a proper twist out...and 3 hours for my hair to dry. When I used the curlformers...I did my entire head in about 20 miins and it dried in an hour. So I believe I will be using this method a lot. Gives me the look I less time.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Headband stituation solved. I used an icord necklace instead. Nothing hanging in my face that way. These are incredibly comfortable.


Watch "Curlformers...1st try" on YouTube. Got some curlformers....decided my first time using them...would be a live video stream. Check it out. Its got some funny moments since live, means no editing. Haha

Also....I bought these on and they are available at Sally's. The size I bought Sally's dont have. I'm using the long and narrow...bought the whole kit. Sally's only had the short and narrow...which for the length of my hair, 7.5 inches, would have worked...what happens when I'm done growing my hair to terminal length? Another product i wont be able to so i got the long ones, then as my hair grows...this product will still be usuable. The short ones are designed for hair thats 9 inches and i got the long ones whic acommadates a 14 inch length. The only kit Sally's had was the wide ones...equal to a large roller. No thanks. Anyway...check it out.

Side note....feels like a scalp massage while they are in. This is a great product.

Micro inch twist out

This is the results of the twist out on the braid an inch nightly maintanence post. No gels needed...just a great moisturizer. The hair is firmly curled but soft. Moist but not greasy. And very shiny.  I may keep doing this hair style even after my month is up...for sure i will keep using this new moisturizer.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Braid an inch nightly maintenance...

I grabbed small sections...apply a good moisturizer...didn't need anything else....worked it thru until the hair was damp/wet and then when completely done with all twists...I retwisted while stretching and anchored them toward the back. I took one down so you can see how the twist out will look. Quite surprised at my length...esspecially in the back...I didn't realize how much its grown becuz of the shrinkage and busy I'm gonna wear the twists stetched out instead of regular twists. Of course now...its twisted back up and all are scarf on and I'm off to dream land. Good night.

Braid an inch...2 braids: released

The two braids I wore today, while elegant had to be taken down and to my surprise the curls had straitened out into this wave pattern. A splash of water returned it to curly but for overnight...I'm gonna do two strand twists this time...and I may pin them down stretched to show off my length.

Vintage Mickey Mouse

I forgot I had this. I was on the search for a missing boot...and in a boot box that didnt have the missing boot was my long lost Mickey. I vaguely remember puttting him in a box when someone said "you know...thats a collectable" so at that point I stopped playing with it. I used to hold it up and sing "M I C...See ya real soon,   K E Y....why?....becuz we like you. M O U S E! Grabbed him to watch the show....and put it on my bed till the next day when the show came back on. Those were the days. Anyway...this blast from the past has been around since 1986/1987 and is in near mint condition, the tag is still attached. He is gonna need a new home....thinking about puttting it up for auction.

Micro inch braids...

Air dried with a moisturizer...the curl pattern has already started coming back. As you can see with the length check shrinkage is now back to 50%. The spring is back and it moves when the fan blows. No gel needed. I love this style...all the advantages of braids with the all the styling options of no braids.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Braid an inch results

This is the result of braid an inch with a water rinse, no product, no gel, just letting the curl pattern form. I can do a wash and go, a puff, a bun, french braid, what ever hair style I normally do. The only difference is this...if I do nothing to it at all...its still styled. This hair style will last over a month. Should the hair start to loc...I can redo the individuals and continue on with life.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lotd double: AM and PM

In the am...ran my route with a french braid I back bun on top...but becuz of the curled up and hair was springing out of the in the pm, I took out the bobby pin that held the bun and replaced it with a ponytail holder giving me the second look....and ran my route. One simple change....totally different look. Also did a length check as you can see in the picture...most folks think its much shorter than it is cuz they don't realize just how much "coil" curly hair can have.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Todays look: interesting

Haven't given it a name yet. But the one word I keep hearing is "interesting" so an interesting bun with a twist is what it that's what I'll probally call it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is my version of the blackhawk. Usually done on longer hair...i modified it to get the same look on my chin-length hair. The original style has 4 ponys with the option to separate into 4 or 8 rolls. I originally had 5 to acommodate the length...then i got the idea to move the back pony up and make a larger section. So what if the base isnt at the one said my redition has to be exactly like the original. I also added two braids in the front....cuz i like the way they look. If you want to see the original go to youtube and search "blackhawk hairstyle" there are several versions...the one I like best is by CrownOfHisGlory, she explainsit very clearly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting the eyebrows mother nature didnt give you

Watch the video here of how I take my eyebrows from nearly invisible as in the before pic, to thick and bushy like in the after pic.

Skinny mini

Ok...everyone has heard me talk about mini duck bill clips in my hairstyles...and someone has asked me what i mean by a "skinny mini" look at the pic...the skinny mini is the two at the top are skinny mini's....the one on the bottom is a standard. Other wise known as a 2 pronged mini duck bill clip. When doing presentation styles...the skinny mini can be hidden in the hair just like a bobbi pin but holds hair more secure and without the discomfort of a bobbypin. They can be found at Sally's or anyplace that has more than just the basics in hair supply.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Purple butterfly Earrings

From my babygirl. She spoils me. I was taking a nap inbetween routes when she woke me up and gave me these...and said " on purple! Perfect!" Guess I looked she pointed out that the earrings were the same color. So I put them on and was wearing them when I returned to do my 2nd run.  Anyway....thought I'd share.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emergency 5 mins?

5 flat twists going back. We had a family emergency...while waiting in car for mom to come out...I did this. Took 5 mins to do, 1 min per twist.  Then when emergency was over...tied it with a scarf. Will last for a week then a twist out!

If you need to look presentable with no time to do it in try this. It does not matter if hair is strait or curly, although curly is better cuz it won't hair was in a power puff before I did this. If you do this with strait hair, use gel and bands, clips, or barrettes to hold in place.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LOTD: Power Puff

Also known as a pony-puff. I hate that name though. I mean think about it...a ponytail got its name becuz of its resemblance to a pny's tail. So to call it a pony puff....doesnt fit as nothing on a pony "puffs" haha. A mohawk is said to give its wearer a center of mental power. Allows you to center your thoughts....since the puff is simlar...i just call it a power puff. I've never noticed if my thoughts are more centered or me...its just a hair style. I do find it amusing however that folks give hair so much gravity...its just hair people! Hahaha then thoughts are always Jesus, knitting, coffee, and playing in my hair....if those thoughts were would you know? Im generally intense in all i to say a hairstyle intensified my general thoughts...haha ya...right.

Anyway...enough of that. To get this look...pour moisturizer in hands....and evenly distribute thru wet or damp hair. Gather into a ponytail type situation...shake your head...and go.

Took me all of 2 mins. Ive had folks ask me if i make a ponytail....then wet the ponytail or do i dip the whole head. Huh? Its not that complicated. There is no need to straiten or blowdry just to wet a ponytail. I simply dont get that. When i make a pony-puff or power usually fresh out the shower...with 15 mins to get dressed and ready for work. 90% of my hairstyle....5 mins or less. I drive a schoolbus...i dont have time to take hours to be presentable. So i take mins...and im still presentable. Ha thats just my reality.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day of school looks

Wore it up for AM route, down for PM route. Kids did a double take. One told me...I like your hair down like that not like this morning. Yay!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Twistouts 101

This twistout was released live on camera and can be viewed here: releasing twists. A friend of mine was being defeated by the frizz monster with every twistout she tried.  This is for her...and all those in the same battle against the common foes: frizz, humidity, and gravity.

It turned out the problem was not her twist, rather than her technique. This explains the proper way to release the twists without frizz and with maximum curl definition.