Monday, May 27, 2013

Red Currants

This oatmilk soap has the amazing scent of red currants, and a generous helping of rice bran oil to sooth the skin beyond the ability of oatmeal. Don't get me wrong......oatmeal is great, amazing for the skin. However, rice bran is also great and wonderful for the skin. I decided to see what happens if I marry the two...and the result was this soap. The texture is amazing even now and it still has weeks to cure. Very happy with this.

The colors are amazing together....which is interessting cuz I chose none of them. The colors were chosen by my facebook friends who responded to this post, "soaping tonight, name some colors." And the responses were orange, pink, blue, teal and purple. I chose the colors I had that were closest and one itps ya go! The colors I used were blaze orange, strong pink, blue violet and coral reef blue.

Sunset Swirl

Here are better pics of the sunset swirl. They won't be ready until 6/14/13. The scent is sage and citrus. Since this was in idea in my head to see if it can be done, there are only a few available in this batch. I will be making more of this one for sure, as it is made with my favorite ingredients....and has mango butter in generous amounts. I have fallen in love with the scent and have added it to my favorites.

Cashmere soap

Finished curing today! Its gorgeous and each weighs between. 3.75 and 4.0 oz. I took them outside to take these pics in natural ighting so you can see the beauty of each bar. I then took the two smallest bars and made samples of them.


My first in the pot swirl. Nice huh?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oatmilk red currants soap

Oatmilk has a smell that makes me nearly gag when its added to lye....but nothing is better for skin than oats. So when the lye is ready...the smell is gone then you can get to making soap.

In the pot swirl of strong pink, blue violet, coral reef blue, and blaze orange ....poured into a white base. Red Currants for scent and Rice Bran oil for superrfatting. I poured it into a 4 pound mold and let it set for 3 days....then the challenge of getting it out ensued as it stuck to the mold when the paper got compromised from seepage. Haha should have seen the look on my face!

All's well that ends well, the soap looks and smells amazing and ii have since figured out how to clean the mold.