Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whats the diff?

Both say zinc free, 12 hour hold, so what's the difference? The Polygrip DOES have zinc (.02%) which in folks, like myself that's allergic... That's .02% too much. It caused me to have neurological symptoms... In fact I thought I was about to have another stroke until someone mentioned that there is a small amount in there so maybe stop using it and see what happens.

The Secure has NEVER had zinc....not in trace amounts or otherwise. Yes it does hold  12 least. Haha at 20 hours it had just as strong of a grip as it had on minute one. Removing it was a bit of a challenge.... There was no goo. There was gummy but no goo. That was after you felt the teeth 'lift' ...once it does that, they come out in about a minute with a good rinse, then brush and peel away the gum and start over.

The cost is comparable...the product is nature based...even with cost for delivery. I live with many allergies on a me, its totally worth the investment. Also since the teeth stay firmly attached thru hot soup, salad, cereal, etc. Foods I've really missed....chips! Secure allowed me to eat an entire bag......nothing gets under. In fact...the only thing that stopped me from eating too many.....I was full....and very aware of how many calories I was consuming. Great stuff.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Find the mid-line?

Say what? If you don't know all them dental terms and you tell the dentist that your dentures are don't want to hear find the want to know what to plain old everyday English!

I fussed that my teeth felt uneven, especially after the gums tightened up and shrunk...I was told 'look for the mid line' and line them up. Ya ok. Well after eating, I clean my teeth and put them back in if it isn't bedtime. Well today, after a very good pb and j...I had to take more time cleaning them...and that's when I seen it....they ARE uneven...or center. But knowing that, I can adjust the way I put them in. Tried it...even with the "midline" method....lining them up the way they fit in mouth works a lot better than mid-line placement at the freenum thing. It took a little practice without the adhesive, but now I can do it without thinking about it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Survival Day today is my stroke Survival day. Know the FAST signs.... it can save your life.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Braided air conditioning.

The flat ironed hair poofed in less than an hour from the rain, even though I wasn't in the rain ...the moisture in the air did its job. Sunny outside...then the heat came and the sweat felt like I was wearing a hat. I braided it down....freehand, no comb so some of the parts are uneven but that's ok...its cool and comfy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flat ironed my hair

...and 20 mins poofed up! Mom was witness. Haha mid-sentence she goes, " right at you and still not believing I'm seeing it." As it had started raining outside annd my hair became a big round bush. Haha curly happens!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good bye ugly green shoes!

The green shoes that were needed for my surgery... the only gym shoes in my size in the entire store....are no longer ugly or green.
This is the second layer of paint...will finish after it drys a bit.

Peacock Swirl SUCCESS!

Second attempt at the Peacock Swirl...successful! Small change: I changed the fo and remade the comb, used the same colors except for one...that color was replaced. What a difference. Its still a Silk and Chocolate blend and it looks amazing!

I tried to vid it but the camera had issues and I had no time to wait for it...if it shows up in the cache...I'll retrieve it, in the meantime...enjoy the pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Silk and Chocolate ...cut!

The base came out pure white and refused to comb thru the other colors. The other colors gathered en-mass and nearly overboard the I smooth and swirled it and left the comb alone. I know what happened...the fo said "slight acceleration....but I didn't count on a thickening with the speed up. Well...I've used that scent twice.....the sunset swirl where the thickening actually helped as I was floating a round enbed into a square loaf....and this time....where I totally forgot it does that.

Well...the remix will still be silk and chocolate.........cuz up until that point it was awesome and no cramped hands which means the squeeze bottles are a keeper. The only thing diff will be the fo. The tried and true cherry overload. The comb has been remade even though the change in fo renders making a new one unneccessary.......planing for he big picture from the land of "whatif" as that's a territory fought with issues.  The only problem I've ever hand with the cherry will ash if used in excess with heat. Ex: the cpop was the las in the bottle and I said "heck with it...more won't hurt" ....the hot processed Purple Passion...did the same thing...and was nose blind for a week on top of it. As least I know going in...that's NO a good idea. Hahaha therefor...moderate amount of the tried and true fo, duplicate recipe, etc...and its a go!

There may be differences on the colors but all and all....its gonna be as close to the original attempt...only with a forseeable success. I admit I do like the 2tone the base lended to the silk and cocolate as it does very much remind me of a chocolate bar. The cure will be 4 weeks. So see me at the end of August to get your hands on this one.