Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rediculous packaging

I went to replace my biotin, 5000mcg caplets, 60 count. Got to the store and they only had it in softgels. What's the difference....biotn is biotin. Well I get it home and its time for the coffee bribe....I can't have my coffee until I take my vites...little game I play with myself, but it works. I open up the bottle....and stuck to the bottom....having to be shook to get them to release is 60 softgels. However....you couldn't tell by looking it was 60 because the 75% empty bottle distracts you. I actually counted them....twice. just to be sure.

The other bottle I had was half the size with 60 caplets in it and an inch of air. This bottle...all air. If companies use a standard size bottle, and just adjust the label....then put that infomation on the label. I feel like I'm paying for air. The smaller bottle, same amount, same vitamin, no air, cheaper price. This bottle, air. That's all I see....air...and a few vitamins down there....but I can't get past ....AIR. I'm so considering buying a different brand just to avoid the air. They need to change their packaging or I'll be changing my choices.

Video: Rant on Rediculous Packaging 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Red color block

Color check...I dyed my hair red to make it easier to see the growth. Here's a few pics.


Found a "Before"

I said I would look, I did, and I found this!  This was taken in 1992...the first summer back in Cincinnati. My hair would never grow past this length when it was permed. The After....is all over the blog. I knew there had to be a pic somewhere.

Compare it to the after. I still find it amusing that my curly hair can be this long and no one knows it. Haha

 video: Before? and After 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feather and fan needs an edge!

 Watch "229. I need an edge! Any suggestions?" on YouTube The feather and fan baby blanket is finished! ...or so I thought so....she's screaming at me that she wants an edge. Any suggestions? What kind would you do? I perfer knit, but will consider crochet too. Let me know what you think.

Feather and fan mystery project revealed.

38 x 38 inch baby blanket. Yarn is Bernats Baby Co-ordinates, color is called Orchid. Stitch is called feather and fan with a 1 st border in the pattern repeat. Very quick, very easy, very pretty.


Cinnamon roll....from every angle

By request...here are more pics of the cinnamon roll hairstyle at every angle. If you need more percise directions on how to do it...let me know.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

LOTD: cinnamon roll

The name came from my babygirl. She took one look and said "love your hair, looks like a cinnamon roll."  I say it's a different twist n a surprise back.

The nape is braided upwards. Then I simply did a round the world braid intergrating the back braids. However, I started the round the world braid with a twist and twisted for about 2 inches before turning it into a braid. I did the twist for the simple reason that each nape braid started with a twist. Thereby giving the whole look a intergration....doesn't look like the sections were done a week apart...even though it was.

I've gotten a lot of compliments on this style, think I'll wear it more often.


Buffing shine...

As seen in the shade on a sunny day.  Sometimes you can't appreciate how well something works until its seen in a different light...like sunlight.


Nails...after the buffing shine.

Can you see the difference? This shine is the result of a hand buffer called the Crazy Shine nail buffer made by Revlon. There's no top coat, no nail polish, no major time involved.

I used a little olive oil and a little know how and this is the result. Watch the video by clicking here: buffing nails to see how to do it....then shine your nails to a glass-like brilliance!

Nails...before the buffing shine.

I had my nails buffed at the salon. This involves a basic manicure, cuticles being pushed back, then they apply a pink cream and use a rotating dauber to shine it up. For 20.00, it looks great.

It just didn't look as good as when I do it myself. However in their defense....they use professional products, allowed by law. I use what I know works. Haha there's a big difference.

The main difference is the amount of shine. The service is called a buff...and that's all they did. What I do is called a buffing shine. The buffing shine looks like glass. Stay tuned to see that..


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOTD: Surprise back

This was gonna be a puff with a surprise back, but as you can see ...a bun and a ponytail works well too. Fact is...I need to keep the hair in the back from snagging the top of my clothes but I didn't want all the hair braided so I braided the nape area...and left the rest. As you can see....it gives a classic look, until you turn around then... surprise! The back has its own thing going on.

I wore it to work today...it was received quite well....which is good cuz its gonna be up for bout a week.