Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

Have a blessed, safe, and happy new years! Whether it be watch night
service or a party, stay safe.

It is said that what ever you do on new do for the rest of
the me...I'll be at church praying in the year. Then I'm gonna
knit something.

Remember to have something green in your pocket and to eat something
green tomorrow. It represents money...and rebirth and safety. Blackeye
peas...represents and some meat...insures there will
always be some on your table.

Have a happy, happy new years eve and I'll see ya next year!

Back of winding path hat

By request...this is the back of the winding path hat.
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Winding path hat...

In Mean Green. A Lakaya original design. Now listed on artfire... now listed. check it out at
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rosette necklace...

It just occurred to me that while I make and sell jewelry...I have no
necklaces for myself. I made a rosette necklace/broach for a friend of
mine and admired it so much....that I made another. For myself. It is
perfect...a fabric I'm not allergic to and a look I like.
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Upcycled hoop earrings...

Mom had a fave belt back in the fell a lot of things
will do after 20 years...all that was left of the belt was 2 silver
hoops. Mom said "wow...I'd hate to throw these away" so I took them and
turned them into these. Her response: "you couldn't silver thread?"
...and a few other complaints. Throw it away then, ingrate. So I
explained that "this is black jewelry cord...made to support up to 20
pounds. The thread...will last bout 5 mins. So about 20
mins later she says "thank you." She wonders why I don't like to make
anything for her...that's why.
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Fiber therapy...happy feet has a new home!

A new home, in my long lost, in the back of my closet, Regia clear sock
boots. I bought them years ago...and they disappeared before the first
pair got knitted. Then they were found long enough to wear twice...then
gone again. Haha so now my fave boots and my happy feet are in a very
specific...never to be lost again place. That said....back to knitting.
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The fold over treasure bag

This has the ability to fold over like a sandwich bag...but has a ribbon
tie cuz sometimes you just want security for your treasures. Another
Lakaya original design. I made this one for Mary.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fiber therapy...

Happy feet with drawstring! These just make my feet want to

Monday, December 27, 2010

Norco's on fire!

Imagine looking out your window and seeing this! And my camera couldn't
get a clear shot of it. Then "breaking news" says Norco is on fire! Good
news....Norco is an empty building scheduled for no one
in there to get hurt. Bad's got traffic, police, fire trucks,
blocking up everything for a mile...and it's hard to breathe with the
yuck in the air. I didn't take this pic...even though it's a block from
my house. My camera just gave me a black screen. But someone I know did.
The company was around forever...even as an empty building, everyone
around her knows about it. So to hear it's on fire...a little
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Happy Feet...

Complete! Adding a drawstring just cuz it's cute. Will post a pic soon.

Fiber Therapy

Back to Fiber~Therapy! In todays session: Kaya finished the decs for her
happy feet and is currently working the film at 11! Ha

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Be blessed and stay safe, and remember the reason for the season is Jesus!

Hip hop santa

I bought this for Daddy...cuz it looks like him...every time it would
sing and dance...Daddy would crack up...and since it's voice
activated...his laugh would make it sing again. I tried to record a
video of it but I have a sad excuse of a phone that's refusing to do so.
Topi took a vid of it...but can't send at the is down.
Sooner or will be seen.
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It's begining to look like Christmas around here...

And two of my gifts involve yarn!!! SCORE!!!
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The yellow bag...

I've had this yellow bag for a while...yellow is my fave has
decided this person should get it...or that person should get it...then
get mad cuz I wouldn't give up the yellow bag that was gifted to me in
the first place. Well...guess where her present is....that's
the special yellow bag. Yellow represents happiness and prosperity and
should only be regifted to someone special. Not some random someone else
decided for you. So I saved it till I had the right gift for the right
person. Then I packed it this rice paper....if she tries to
peek...I'm gonna know it. Hahaha rice paper can only be used
once...beautiful but fragile. I carefully wrapped her gift in
it...placed it in the yellow bag...and now it's going under the tree
pedestal. If she tries to peek...the rice paper will instantly
deteriorate. That's how I deal with those who peek. Haha
~ ~
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