Monday, February 2, 2015

Dishsoap Bar vs burnt on-stuck on

The family keeps insisting on using these commercial chemical products
found at the grocery store. I use my all natural dish soap bar ... you can
find it at ... and a bit of time. It cleans
everything...naturally and smells good too. They made fun of me....until
today. Haha

Here we have a Dutch oven that was gonna be tossed. In it was over
cooked....ok...burnt beyond recognition eyed peas. Imagine...even
the bottom was burnt, the're was a crust that was 3 inches high on the
inside. I was told they boiled it a few times trying to loosen up the black
charcoaled base...but they were using dishwashing liquid. I was told "its
hopeless, throw it out!" Was laughed at when I said, "I think I can save
it!" was gonna be tossed anyway so what's the harm in trying,

I cut a sliver off my dishsoap bar and put it in the pot along with 4
inches of water....just higher than the crispy crust. I let it boil for
about 30 mins, turned it off and let it cool until it was safe to touch.
Looked crazy yucky but I knew it wasn't gonna stay that way. Then I go out
a standard copper pot scrubber and a piece of dishsoap effect
making my own brillo pad type thing....I totally suds up the scrubber and
got to work. One section at a time...10 mins later I have what you see
here. The inside took the biggest hit...some of the enamel had burned
completely away....but what wasn't compromised by the burn is clean and
ready to use. As long as it holds water...I'm gonna use it. Nature versus
chemicals....ha nature wins!