Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some days my hair cooperates with me....

This is not one of those days. The curl pattern is doing it's own thing.
Looks good but this is one of those days when I wanted it to lay flat
like it had been doing and instead it's standing and attention going,
" ya doing?" what a difference a wash makes. Haha
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sock Secrets

When making socks....dpns are fine, there are however ...other methods. You can make socks on 2 strait needles, 2 circs, a single long circ, 4 to 6 dpns...etc. Once you find the method you like...choose the style you like.

Become an expert at that stlye...example, I can make 'no heel', anderson heels, short row heels, and traditional flap heels....but I like the short row I learned 4 different ways to do them. When I come to a pattern with a flap heel....I just change out the heel.

Do what makes you more comfortable...and then repeat it until you can do it without having to stop and think about it. Then, make yourself some socks.

Now lets talk yarn. Wool has a natural "give", they won't stretch per se...but they will give. If a pair ends up too snug...wetting them or walking around in them for a while will loosen them up a bit. Cotton...with the exception of specialized cotton yarns, such as Cascade Fixation....has no stretch or give. In fact most natural yarns, except cotton has give. Nylon is highly flexible and doesn't breathe so it's often blended with a yarn that does. Acrylic has no give or stretch what so doesn't breathe but will wick away moisture. When choosing yarns...keep these factors in mind. When I'm running low on yarn in the middle of making socks...and I'm using wool's no big deal to make the foot of the sock an inch short...the sock will give and fit fine. I can wet the sock...stretch it and let it mold to my foot. Same scenario when using acrylic yarn....better go buy more yarn...or you will have an extremely uncomfortable, ill fitting sock.

When you make a sock...for which there is no can either be prepared to make 3. One as a test pattern for which you write down everything you do and the other is the pair you will wear. The single sock can be a spare or a Christmas can make one, being prepared to unravel and reknit as needed....make notations...then make the other., fine, fingering...these are standard as most print patterns prove. However....there is no rule that says you can't use worsted or bulky weight fact I have. You simply need to remember to adjust your stitch count to match foot width. Example...56 sts is good for a superfine yarn on a size 3 needle and the foot is 8 inches around and you have 7 sts to the inch. Same sock...worsted may only need 40 sts. 38 if the yarn has a lot of give. Always do your math. Save time by taking the time to test your gauge, make a swatch.

Use your own foot as a measure. Become an expert at your foot....make socks to that measure. When you make socks for others...see where ther foot is in comparison to yours. One of my favorite customers...wears the same shoe size as me. I know if I make a sock that fits will fit her. I generally can tell when to start the heel without a ruler. Since I see the measure all the time just by looking.

Take your time and have fun.

That's the secret to socks.

3 scoops!

These are the 3 colors that make up the Ice Cream socks. There a
pineapple, mint, lemon sherbert mix (leg), peppermint swirl (foot), and
strawberry chocolate topping (toe and heel).
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Ice Cream Socks....completed

The first foot anyway. Came out rather nice. Already started the other
one...which of course won't take as long as I don't have to stop and
make pattern notes.
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A closer look....

At both sides of the same sock. As you can see...there are no gaps in
the heel. The only thing I did differently from everyone else is the
variation step I blogged about.
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End result of variation of standard short row...

Isn't it great....looks like the knit simply turned itself sideways
doesn't it. Gotta love that! This really comes in handy for finer yarns where every detail can be seen.
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Variation on standard short row worth noting...

Look up the method on Nona Knits wrapping technique, practice that a few
times and if it works for you...great. Now to turn the work into an
invisible short row...Work short row the normal way except...slip the
stitch to face it's neighbor so that knit faces knit...purl faces
purl....this may require slipping and turning the same slipped stitches
a few times. When it's time to knit the st and the wrap together
will make this small change: insert needle into the heart of st and
wrap (lifting the wrap to do so if necessary) then while needle is still
inserted, pull needle up to lift wrap over the st ...placing it behind
the st to be worked. Now complete the st...knitting on knit side,
purling on purl side. What this does is takes the wrap LATERAL of the st
it protects and hides it at the same time. When the sock is in use...the
lateral wrap st becomes a filler holes, no gaps. Give it a
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hand spun wool?'s 100% acrylic that's designed to look, feel, and handle like
hand spun wool. It even has changes in loft and tension like hand spun
wool. Of course it has the durability of acrylic...since it is acrylic.
The best of both worlds. The look of luxury for the cost of economy.
Gotta love that!
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The "hug" effect is back!

Sometimes a knitter just have to take out pencil, paper and a calculator
and knock out the guage issues.............BEFORE..............starting.
Or you can do like I did....and restart 5 times. Hahaha
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Oh oh......guage error!

Time to recalculate the guage!
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Purple Ribble with Snow on top!

And don't you just love the way the reversible pattern gives the feeling
of continuance when it's cuffed?! This is 100% wool on the foot (purple)
and cotton on the top (white)...I knew I wouldn't have enough purple to
finish but I had some cascade fixation so....a new look was born. Same
washing instructions...cold water, gentle cycle, low heat to it 1/26/11
works out.

Couldn't say anything before...but these socks are for my daughter @MsTPeach, I even tricked her into trying them on. Hahaha I told her I was working on a multisize pattern and to see if it fits her snugly...not loose, not they do me. Fact is...I created the multisize pattern looooong time ago. Haha Anyway, today...I gave them to her...she loves them!
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Worsted weight Ice Cream socks...

Only 40 sts so this should go quickly. The colors reminded me of an ice
cream sundae, hence the name.
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Quick fix....

I gathered the top like a ponytail and clipped it towards the back.
Quick fix but it's ok.
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Failed Fro~Hawk

I tried to braid my hair like the model in the pic...a style which I've
worn before. Apparently since the last time I wore this style...even
with a hair has grown too long for the look. Now searching for
a similar look for longer hair. The way it is now...keeps falling right
in my eyes....that don't work for me. Will keep you posted.
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Snow On Top

These are other pics of the purple ribble with snow on top. Thought I
had posted and then discovered them sitting in the out box didn't send
cuz the phone crashed...hate when that happens. ya go.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purple Ribble

This is a purple ribble sock. What's a ribble? It's a combination of
ribbing and cable...results in a lacy looking, reversible when
cuffed, the pattern continues. Isn't it cute. I liked it so much I made
another pair called purple with snow on of that one will
follow...soon as I take them.
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When last we met...

I was working on my socks...which are one day. Found a way to
fine tune the pattern...socks only take me one to two days now. So in
that time I've made two more pair...those pics will post after this
post. In the do you like my toasted almond shorties. I
knitted in some covered elastic...just to learn the technique.
Interesting but I think I like my socks without...they stay up either
way...but with the elastic....unseemly when I want to cuff the socks so
I think not.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Well now!

Wasn't that quick! This is my toe up toasted almonds sock. Toe to
heel...3 hours. That's some kind of record even for me. Knitting for me
gives me wiings! Hahaha
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My pair!

Already at 6", at this pace, I'll be done before Sunday. Gotta love
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