Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little something different...

And simple. Part a 1 inch section of hair at an angle along hair line....braid it down. Next ...move an inch over from the start of that braid and part in opposite direction. Continue in this manner until all the hair is braided and you are left with a complicated looking pattern but it couldn't be simpler.

My version of the bonus puff

As seen in the youtube vid I watched. The girl's hair was a little  longer than mine but it still came out great. Also I'm testing a photo gallery substitute called QuikPic which unlike the stock gallery that came with new phone let's me send more than one pic at. A time. I had downloaded photoshop express but thhat let's me upload ONLY to facebook, twicpic, and adobe. No blogger, no bluetooth, no sms....which sucks. This let's me upload multiples to any thing I click from mail to chat to whatever. Cool huh. Given enough time...I'll have this phone acting liike my old sidekick...ya! Hahaha Anyway...check out the vid: day 6 bonus by thecurlstation

Walk with me...shrink with me.


Found this weight lose app. Granted I'm down to a size 12 now which is a far cry from the 215 I used to weigh but it a cool app so I thought I'd share it.  Former weight: 215. Current weight: 150 to164 ...last physical said 164 and I wore a size 16. Now I wear 122 and 14 depending on the garment. Once I find a scale...I'll post the correct weight.

The pic is me in my "round the house" gear...trying on a shrug I was making for mom. All the clothes were a 16...didn't realize just how big they were on me tillbthe pic was taken. I remember having to pull at the seams before sitting down just so thighs wouldn't feel trapped. Now when I wear this size sweats...have to hold the waist when I sit. So they don't fall off. I have since given them away.  When I went to buy replacements, that's when I learned I didn't go down to a 14...but down to a 12.

Anyway get the cool app...and walk with gps your work outs and then tells you how far you went in miles and how many calories burned. Also told me I wasn't eating enough to lose weight but I can't worry about that since I eat till I'm full and can't eat any more. Guess I need to worry over more caloric choices instead of how much.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Twist puffs on a puff

So...let's try this again... this is how to do the hair style...the video had to be split into part one and part two so just watch them in order. Took forever to upload using wifi but new phone wouldn't do it any other way. If the videos don't show check them out at Here is a pic of the finished style followed by the video links. Part one:  Part two:

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minimum shedding

After 2 weeks of braids....upon take down and rebraid....this is all the hair that's has shedded. The average person sheds normally 100 to 150 strands a day. I haven't shed that much in 2 weeks.  This is the result of no chemicals at all. I'm also keeping the back up for the remainder of the summer...or until its past the base of my neck.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Look what you can get for an old beat up broken down car!

The guy I hired to trim the trees...asked about my 1984 Mercedes Benz 190E, its been dead in the backyard for 2 years...when they were taking the branches to the backyard, he seen the car. Then it became let's make a deal.

So instead of a trim...I got the annoying spider ladened trees chopped down, new ones will be planted, and the maintenance of the front and back yard and the upkeep of the trees...all part of the deal.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gele today

Its a yucky misty rain outside and I don't like umbrellas, so I'm wearing my gele. No one rocks a gele like I do...and the fabric is water resistant so it works for me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Criss cross is boss

Originally I was only going to criss cross the front...then I started watching thing I know...I had done the entire front. So of course that meant I had to do the back as well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

From dry and crunchy to moist and soft

This is how I take my hair from dry to soft after mistreating it in overdrying heated air. Summer is coming so the harsh winter can release its grip on my tresses. Also...length shrinkage in winter is over 50% as you can see...I can do 2 braids down the sides now without having to gel it to keep it from coming aloose.
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Ok I'm in my car...waiting for son to come out of store. I look in the rearview mirror and seen bright red in center of my head. Hahaha usually all of my hair turns red in the sun but this is kinda neat!

Blast from the past!

Found this pic of me...from 1991...first summer back in Cincinnati. And yes I designed and created the jewelry. The jewelry...not that you can made from safety pins and pearl finished beads. They were adorable...when the fasination wore off I undid the safety pins and used the beads in a more permanent fashion. They became a fabulous necklace for a friends wedding...she loved it so I gave it to her. I had forgotten about it until I came across this pic. Since pics do tend to get lost for 10 yrs at a time...tucked away in some book as a bookmark, such as this one was...figured I had better upload it before it gets lost again. Hahaha

Saturday, May 14, 2011

twist puffs on puff

One of my favorite styles and how to do it.
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Blogger app...and reinstating the failed post... a different twist on on protective styling

Testing blogger app to see what it can do. Phone came with blogger droid and blogger has its own app...that may allow oh say more than one pic to be posted at a time.

These are the pics that were sent with the post "a different twist on protective styling" that got dropped on upload.

Sharing this

Found it in drafts...and since the lsat msg dropped 3 pics...I'm attempting to see if both pics in this mailing goes thru...otherwise I will be gettin a new copy of blog warrior which works much better for blogging multiples.

Me at the wheel of my bus Friday

While discussing the new phone and that I can send and receive picture msgs workmate said "yeah?...let's see!" And held up his camera I struck a quick "hey Kay" pose...and he sent this...I'm posting it. The glasses look like bug-eyes in this light but they are my I'll just be bug-eyed. Hhahaha anyway...just sharing that!