Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whats the diff?

Both say zinc free, 12 hour hold, so what's the difference? The Polygrip DOES have zinc (.02%) which in folks, like myself that's allergic... That's .02% too much. It caused me to have neurological symptoms... In fact I thought I was about to have another stroke until someone mentioned that there is a small amount in there so maybe stop using it and see what happens.

The Secure has NEVER had zinc....not in trace amounts or otherwise. Yes it does hold  12 least. Haha at 20 hours it had just as strong of a grip as it had on minute one. Removing it was a bit of a challenge.... There was no goo. There was gummy but no goo. That was after you felt the teeth 'lift' ...once it does that, they come out in about a minute with a good rinse, then brush and peel away the gum and start over.

The cost is comparable...the product is nature based...even with cost for delivery. I live with many allergies on a me, its totally worth the investment. Also since the teeth stay firmly attached thru hot soup, salad, cereal, etc. Foods I've really missed....chips! Secure allowed me to eat an entire bag......nothing gets under. In fact...the only thing that stopped me from eating too many.....I was full....and very aware of how many calories I was consuming. Great stuff.