Monday, April 29, 2013

Soaping and soapy endeavors

Packaged up the moms day soaps. Delivered. Packageed up the Perfect man soap...weighed and labeled, ready to go. The Un is cured and hard as a brick....will be wrapping those tomorrow. But check this out...My first itps with blue coral reef, titanium dioxide and foilage. I used the tall narrow molds with only has a 2.5 inch pour I did the mold pour on the floor. Slamming was much easier and didn't have to worry about spilling it. When it thickened a bit....took it to the table and put it to bed. Stayed soft for a while and I ripped the liner when trying to remove it...but finally got it out and sliced it up. It was a little hot but it will calm down as it cures.

That is all.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updo two stand twists

This is how I wore my hair yesterday. Had to take it down today as it was starting to loc up. Deciding how I'm gonna wear it tomorrow. Maybe I'll straiten it...we'll see.


Mango butter, canola, coconut, rice bran, and grapeseed oils. I figure if I'm gonna make a face soap, I'm gonna use all the skin friendly stuff my very sensitive skin loves. I superfatted with rice bran oil and believe it or not...there's a teaspoon of mica in here for a silver color...but it only showed up at the top...oh well....I'll use more next time.

Soap wrap........and deco paper've seen my soap wrap method, and the vid. So what happens when you use decorated or border paper? This!

A whole new aspect, wouldn't you say? What's can chose different themes and colors cuz paper is easy to get. Try it. Both border effects...same paper...I just used a different end to get a whole different look.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using shrinkage to your advantage!

So it rained that I'm understating that it rained all day, non stop and thunderstormed just for variety.

My hair........rare occasion...was down. Center was allow to be free. So by my break....I had a fro. I embraced hair hasn't fro'd in a long time becuz the length wouldn't allow for it. As it was...I failed to sleep in my bonnet, I didn't moisturize, so here my slightly dry hair got exposed to 4 hours of rain and moisture in the air. Frizz...would be an understatement too.

I coated it with conditioner and randomly two strand twisted it throughout....getting my moisture back. I allowed it to dry that way before rinsing...if its gonna shrink...its gonna shrink on my terms. Then I went and got some "eats" and came back home. Everyone asked me "who did my hair?...its so cute" haha I do this to my hair everytime I wash it. It minimizes tangles. Anyway...after rinsing....I twisted right back up...random pattern no parts. When looked half its length. Its cute, controled and not hanging in my eyes.

Its Springtime in Cincinnati...this will be my go to protective as it keeps the frizz to a minimum and allows my hair to be free to swell in moisture as it needs to. That encourages there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mango papaya...getting ready!

The cure date for the Mango Papaya mango butter cold process soap is 4/17/2013. Tomorrow. I've wrapped them up....along with all the other soaps that are ready to go.

The soap wrap I created gives each a fresh look...but since it is paper after all...I wrote the ingredients and such right on them. I think it looks great. Furthermore...packaged up like this....I can close the gap. These soaps where in 4 different box they fit in one. This will allow me more room for inventory.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cherry bomb soap

This is the cherry bomb soap and I put it in the same box with the poitillism soap...hoping some scent transfers from the cherry bomb to the pointillism. I covered it with freezer paper...that will still allow air flow. If it doesn't harm, no foul.