Friday, June 29, 2012

Fluffy to braided

Finger combed till fluffy...let the hair rest for a day...then I braided it as you see here. I finger parted and and voila! However the front section ...those braids came out twice the size of the rest so I ponytailed them to be split and rebraided later. This protective will last a month.

A note to the new braider....when the hair sticks up after the braiding...dont. panic. When you are done....pour water over choice, or spray with water, another option. Use grapeseed oil or olive oil to provide slip. The water calms down fresh twists as well.

The Sunny Zebra

The Sunny Zebra Wallet...and bonus earrings! Every purse I own has a built in wallet. My fanny pack did as well. New purse gifted to for everything but no built in wallet. Was not expecting that.

I took some sunshine yellow and some zebra print duck tape...attached it to a folded brochure cuz it was about the right size for a wallet...and there for the sunny zebra was born...and I didn't have to measure or anything like with the wallets before this one. However...since it did have an internal base of thick paper...folding it was I cut down the inner crease...folded the corners toward the bottom edge and trimmed that out. Without the middle....folds perfectly. So I added a zebra trim to the center. The scrap pieces have given me an idea for upcycling...those pieces are going to be earrings. They will be posted soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Casavas / Casaba Crown

This ...when styled outward looks like a crown. When styled inward...has a whloe different effect but still just as easy....and is known as a casaba crown. I just call it the casavas regardless of if inward or outward.

This is an excellent protective style, and can be worn for a week or two or styled on the go. Here is how both look. The one with the bangs is the inward whereas the one without is style outwardly. When styling in an outward fashion, See vid #431. When styling in an inward fashion, the technique is like the tuck and go only you're going in a circle...see vid #430.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Tuck and Go updo

 Watch "429. The tuck and go updo" on YouTube here is another 5 min or less hair style thats quick and easy and elegant enough for work or play.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oil Infused Wood Combs

Since hair is currently braided... I figured this is a good time to soak my wooden combs. In a plastic bag, I poured grapeseed oil to cover...rubbed it into each comb. And then wrapped the bag around them. When i first did this...there was about 1/4 cup oil on the bottom of the theres about half a corner of oil when the bag is tilted. The combs will remain here forr at least a week. The large comb that wont fit in the bag will be oiled daily. Some call this "sealing" the comb. All i know is it keeps me from worrying about the combs drying out when im not using them for extended periods of time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kinky twists complete

To maintain...I spray it with braid spray daily, grapeseed/peppermint oil as needed. Up and cover at night. Can be washed once a week. This style will last for 8 weeks.

As needed...refresh any loose braids and retwist.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Up for dinner

Down for play....up for dinner. More fun to eat when you aren't worried about your hair getting in your food. This style is simple...bring all the hair up like you're making a ponytail...twist it into a bun and place a band around the bun. Done. This will stay put without the pull a regular ponytail causes.

Summer style

Kinky twists. Start with box braids...braid down an inch...split the section in two and then 2 strand twist to the end of the section. Dump 2 pitchers of water over it and let it drip dry. Done. I added extentions to the back only. The rest is mine.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Who is peepla7 on youtube

 Watch "422. "Rep Yourself" response to whoissugar" on YouTube Whoissugar sent a challenge: rep yourself, who are you on youtube? This is my response, unedited and uncut. As random gene took over. Haha

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Curlformers revisited

I bought another set of curlformers...that way I can do my whole head at the same time...without having to move some around or arrange the hair in a way that the lack of rollers could accommodate. worries.

The new set came with 2 more hooks so instead of loading 4 curlformers...I can load 8. This allows me to do my whole head in about 30 mins without rushing.

The only drawback....a curlformer set doesn't last long. If you use moouse like the directions get a good hold and dried out hair. Moouse is made with alcohol...a hair's worse enemy. If you use a moisturizer....the hair may not dry completely....resulting in partial curls and frizz. My pudding. It retains moisture and the set last more than a day. The pics here show a fresh set and the same set 3 days later.

Another solution....a natural humectant with holding power out of this world....sugar water. 2 tbs of white sugar in a bottle of water, shake, let dissolve completly...shake again. Spray each section as you go. Bam! Curls. Only thing....if you use sugar MUST use an oil spray (perferably with peppermint oil ) to maintain shine and to keep bugs away.

Everyone will tell you one kit is enough...if you are using the wide and're right. If you are using the long and narrows....then you will need more. The mouth of the narrow curlformers are only an inch wide...where as the wide ones can hold. A 2 inch section of hair....see how the math got flawed.

Anyway, curlformers are available at Sally's, they have starter kits for each style, but the styling kit is only available in the wides. Go to for a complete selection of all they have to offer. The shipping is fast too. Anyway that's enough about that....I'm gonna go do my hair.