Friday, June 28, 2013

4th of July soap

Inspired by the red white and blue....this is my soap for the 4th.  I mixed patagonia purple and true coral together to get this red. Both colors then to morphs to brugundy, one morphs to pink...I figure together maybe id get a color close enough to red to "play it off" but look...looks like patriot red don't it? The blue is called college blue. The technique...double slanted deviders.....white on the bottom, swirl in the least that was the plan. The batch accelerated right after I got the color cups moving quickly I got most of the soap in the mold the...seize! Took me about 3 mins each to remove the dividers...slamming, pull divider...push soap down, slam again, pull on divider push the soap down...etc...repeat for the other side.

This soap is already testing at ph8. Its made from mango butter, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, palm oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil. Sound familiar? Sound "Good!" Ya cuz this is the recipe for Good! soap with a kick of color and a new scent. The scent, "Goddess of the universe", is where the problem came in.known to accelerate...there was a warning saying "excellent for peaks, not good for swirls" of course, I didn't see that until mid swirl attempt! I certainly would not have used it...OR...tried a new technique, had I known. It all worked out in the end, I do intend to try this again with a different scent...a trusted scent. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fruit loops and vanilla bean

Birthday bash 5...the vanilla bean is cut. Came out very pretty although it may later turn brown as vanilla bean has over 9% vanilla in it. I knew this and colored it anyway....that way I can enjoy the view for a while.

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The fruit loops...cut. smells wonderful. I cut 16 bars from the loaf then cut 8 of those in half to get 16 kid size bars and 8 full size bars. The 16 bars will be put with the 16 bubble gum bars and they will be donated to the back to school out reach once they cure. The full size are for sale.

Ingredients inspired by the most sensitive skin I know: mine.

Cold process soap made from saponified:





superfatted with: grapeseed oil

colored with: mica

The whole house smells amazing!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water soluable vs oil dispersable TD

Titanium dioxide(TD)....a natural mineral commonly used for coloring soap....comes in two types depending on the salt level of the batch.  These 2 varieties are marketed as oil dispersable and water soluable. 

Well when you buy oil dispersable and it clumps instead of blending start to get curious. This is what I've been experiencing on the last 3 batches so I decided to try an experiement and confirmed that my oil dispersable TD is actually water soluable. I personally perfer the oil dispersable as I tend to mix my colors with oil. Mixing in water requires the use of the water measured for the lye and there is generally much less water available with that method, whereas mixing with oil from the measured oils...there's enough to mix as many colors as you want to.

Here you can see from my experiment...the TD labeled for oil...didn't disperse in the oil....double check your stuff at the time of delievery instead of 3 batches later.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Bash 4

This one smells lightly like peppermint. Pure peppermint oil was used to create it, however, i did not add additional peppermint scent. The tingle will make you smile and invigorate your senses.

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Here's an idea!

I needed the fleece blanket back from Bash 4. Its the blaket I use to wrap the larger mold so I poured packing peanuts in the box I gel the column mold in. Its holding in the heat and stabilizing at the same time.

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Bash 3

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

birthday bash 3

palm oil, canola oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, colors chosen by facebook friends and cherry overload scent. Loving this!

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Birthday bash soap pops

The column mold....holds 40 oz instead of 49 as the website said...the cap issue has been resolved. I figured out I can gel the soaps in the mold by putting the mold in a box with a fleeze blanket. Then I put a plastic bag over the box to hold it close. It works I can feel the heat rising about 6 to 7 inches above the box.

These are the soaps I made with the column mold. I inserted the sticks as part of a special project...My birthday bash celebration. One of these "pops" has a code on it. The recipient can take a pic or type the code into an email to me and claim a free bars of soap from any of the available inventory on my etsy site.

The soap pop scents are "fruit salad", pink sugar type, chery overload, (....and I'm not done yet). There will be the same number of pops as years I have on these planet.  Each batch is scented with my fave scents on the planet.

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