Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lady, get a clue!

Proud vagabond........lady bum, smoking a cig at white castle this morning, 5:30 a.m....came to my carr and said "mam...I got .40 cents...I need .60 to get a cup of coffee." I said, "how's about I just buy you some coffee?" She said "oh thank you...God bless you...here's my 40 cents. Maybe I can work towards a cheese burger." So I ordered my coffee, her coffee, 2 cheese burgers . While I waited...I put her 40 cents in this cig box...along with a few dollars in change that was in the multibox of my car, 2 lollipops and the few cigs that were already in there. Offered it to her with the food. She snubbed her nose at the generic cigs. Wow. Really. There's another person, down on their luck that I pass everyday...he'll take anything....socks, shoes, food...this mini care kit. Duh.

I dont give of myself that often cuz generally in Cincinnati, there is a large segment of folks that dont need help....standing on a corner bumming is their "job"....usually theres something that gives them away...like designer clothes, neatly pressed or 300.00 gym shoes. Usually I dont give to guys...cuz they cn survive. Females on the other hand....well I once gave 10.00 to a lady who was on the street with 3 kids by the McDonlds by where I was working....and one asked "Mommy...do we get to eat today?" That broke my heart. At the time, my kids were around the same age...we are all 3 paychecks away from that situation. I said "hey....feed your babies." I ordered my coffee and went back to my office. At that point in time...McD's would give free refills if you brought them bck the cup.....so going to get my refill ...seen the lady....she and her children were sitting in a booth...they had food, she didnt. I walked over to her and gave her enough money to get something to eat. Turns out....she left an abusive relationship, lost her job cuz of lack of daycare and they were living in a car. So when I seen that lady today...figured I'd help. I got a bit of a surprise when she dissed me cuz of my cigs. I prayed on it....I did the right thing, even if her attitude was wrong. I'd do it again....in fact...did it again on the way home from second route.

To that lady, God bless you and whatever form He sends a blessing to you...accept it. That is all.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here's the finished dragonskin...and the pattern...which I put on flip cards to make it easier. This pattern is very easy...looks more complicated than it is.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Spiral Crown hairstyle ...braided

 Watch "506. Spiral Crown hairstyle" on YouTube      here is a tutorial of the braided version. The twisted version will rise higher at the crown of the head creating more of a crown look.

Spiral crown

Isn't this pretty? Believe it or not...this style tkes only 5 mins. Tutorial coming soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool idea!

Friend of mine gave me an cigarette overstock box. Its perfect for curing and storing soaps.  Its heavyduty card stock. Since my current inventory looks scarse in this huge box....its inspiring me to make more and fill it up. I did take the box apart....to make a pattern for a top to carry it ar ound when I'm selling soaps "out in the field". She said if they have another one....or when they get new ones....instead of tossing the old ones, she said she'll send them to me. On the bottom of the box....along with directions on construction is the name of the company that makes it...so I'm gonna check out direct ordering some extras.