Sunday, March 11, 2012

All about Zebra

 Watch "321. All about Zebra" on YouTube so funny daughter is zebra happy. She has zebra, trimed in pink. Zebra trimmed in teal, zebra trimmed in zebra....multicolored zebra, everything zebra.

I went to set up the materials for the purse I was making her and sent her pics and text...not saying it was for her....what do you think of this combo...and this one...and this one? She says, "oh those are all nice, of course you know me...I like the pink and white zebra" hahaha so thats how the colors were chosen. Pink zebra, white zebra...and if i had found some teal....i would have added it. Haha

Then she came by he house for a visit...she went to the kitchen...baked me some cookies...shes a good kid. While she was in there...I pretended to admire her purse...which is gorgeous...but. in actuality, I was measuring it. Its her I figure the size of it would be perfect for my special project.

Now...I have let her in on it...and this is the All About Zebra bag!

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