Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to repair your Cause items.

Let's face give to a aren't expecting perks. You may not even expect the "thank you" its just what you do cuz you care.

That being said, sometimes, the Cause has incentive items that aren't well made but folks buy them anyway becuz it supports the cause....and if it falls what. A lot of these items....folks buy and treat as a novelty....let's put it right there and not actually use it.  I am the type...if I buy a purse...I'm gonna use it. If I buy a bracelet....I expect it to perform as one. Let's take the purse for example....this beautiful purse has a logo..."in it to end it" that alone is worth the 6.00 it cost and the money helps BCA. The purse portion is very well made, the straps....not so much. Straps made with nylon braid are to be singe melted on the ends to prevent unraveling...and double stitched to secure it in place.

This purse started unraveling on day 3....I didn't have anything heavy in it, and the avon rep I bought it from insist I return it. Anything else...yes I would, but this is a cause item. That means the product was not put thru rigorous testing as most folks aren't gonna use it the way I would...most will buy it to support and not use it at all. So what to do if you do want to use it. Don't want to return it...since that will take money away from the cause...well you can singe the ends and double stitch it on the same seam line thereby restoring it to a hip pouch....or you can pull the main unraveling thread and clip the end. Now simply rub the seam back and forth until the frayed ends pop out of the stitching. There will be no evidence that there was ever a strap since it was not properly singed and secured by a double row of stitching. The right side unraveled on its own. The left side I unraveled using the method discribed. Now I have a clutch bag. Repair and restore and reuse your cause items instead of tossing them. You get a fun project and the cause doesn't lose money. Have fun with it.

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