Friday, December 21, 2012

The new face of 7up pound cake soap

Check out the height on the frosting! That took a not only had to be built up but the formulation had to be altered so it could be spread like an actual frosting.

The soap recipe itself has also been altered. Instead of a vanillin based fo and the passage of time...I added fresh coffee brewed in distilled water along with the grapeseed oil and fragrance oil. That gives it an immediate gentle brown color while waiting for the fo's to do what it do. Also instead of mango butter, oatmeal and yogurt...the yogurt has been removed from the equation.

Future batches may have a single base of mango butter. Given a choice between the stiffness of oatmeal and the softness of mango...I prefer the mango butter.

That is all...every thing else is propriety and will not be shared here.

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