Saturday, October 19, 2013

LIQUID dish soap

The success of the dishsoap bar is unparalleled...but old habits die hard. Mom requested "a liquid soap if you can do that" and so I did.  This was made from hot process ...with what was left of the bca soap cupcakes.

The soap is gentler than the dishsoap bar. I put it to the test with an over-seasoned skillet. It cleaned well...without stripping the seasoning. However, I still needed to remove the excesss so I used my dishsoap bar to scrub the extra and re-season the skillet.

In regards to the liquid soap... its nice on the skin and effective enough for general cleaning. My brother used. It instead of his store bought chemicals which he insisted on buying when it was his turn to was the dishes. What's more...after he tried it....he used it again. That speaks volumes.

Personally ...I still perfer my dishsoap bar but its nice to know there are options. The format I like, and the format that is generally accepted. The liquid soap has not been marketed...its still in the test phase and I litterally have no bottles to put it in. So....product idea for future...for now its just a personal joy.

Check out for current inventory.

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