Monday, February 3, 2014

Soaper Bowl soap!

I didn't have a team for the Super Bowl or the Soaper Bowl so I chose my favorite colors and let them fight it out. Here's how!

This was a fun idea! I took peppermint tea and steeped it 3 times in distillled water until it was a deep, dark brownish green. I used this as the liquid for my lye. The base is lard, canola and mango butter.

I mixed my favorite colors with this murky looking mix. At the start....the soap was so dark that it couldn't be seen as anything other than a murky brown. By the end of the swirl...the colors started showing up. By the end....the plain had turned a carmel brown, 5 other colors are in there as well..........what they will show up as well be a surprise, even to me. I won't know what the final face of this soap will be until tomorrow.

Check out for current inventory.

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