Thursday, November 13, 2014

Find the mid-line?

Say what? If you don't know all them dental terms and you tell the dentist that your dentures are don't want to hear find the want to know what to plain old everyday English!

I fussed that my teeth felt uneven, especially after the gums tightened up and shrunk...I was told 'look for the mid line' and line them up. Ya ok. Well after eating, I clean my teeth and put them back in if it isn't bedtime. Well today, after a very good pb and j...I had to take more time cleaning them...and that's when I seen it....they ARE uneven...or center. But knowing that, I can adjust the way I put them in. Tried it...even with the "midline" method....lining them up the way they fit in mouth works a lot better than mid-line placement at the freenum thing. It took a little practice without the adhesive, but now I can do it without thinking about it.

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