Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting hair ready for summer...micro twists!

I can feel the wind on my scalp now! This is a protective style that can be styled. I can roll it,  curl it, braid it, ponytail it, or leave it.

Conditioning often is a must to prevent the hair from locing. Any twist that threaten to loc...will be taken down, combed thru and then re-twisted.  I do that a lot when I wear styles like this for extended periods of time. Esspecially the first 2 or 3 rows in the front. One time I "refreshed" the front and everyone assumed I had redone my whole head.

Also...make sure to use a daily moisture spray when sporting this type of style...keeps your scalp healty. Give it a try. Microbraiding may take days..micro twists only takes hours and last for weeks.

As you can see in the pics...the hair lays flater and neater than when left to dry naturally. Even better....when you wet it...particularly when you leave some loose at the will still curl. Your natural curl pattern is stronger than the micro twists...and it gives a very cute presence.

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