Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bernat Puff ball Pink...take 2

This is another puff ball pink scarf...but with a major difference in cast on and knitting. First i took Red Heart Pretty N Pink, which is a perfect match to Bernat Puff Ball Pink....and is the yarn I have been using for BCA items...and with a size 7 needle, I cast on 14 sts....and knit two rows. Then i joined the puff ball onto the right side of the tying a knot to the pretty n pink...I know...thats wrong haha then i carried what was left of the pretty in pink across a few sts and used a crochet hook to blend it in. Now ...knitting only the cord of the puff ball pink...i knit 2...carried the puff across...knit 2 etc. The smaller needle allows the cord to fit two sts on the work before encounttering the puff. Its a tighter knit....the frontal appeal has an aspect that would not be seen with the regular method of working with this yarn and the puffs are lining up much denser, tighter and closer together giving the back a marshmallow overload effect.

Interestingly enough....instead of having to hold the puff on the working strand out of the way...with this format....i have to hold the puff on the row below out of the way. The denseness of this technique is making the work on the needle push forward. Ahhh well, back to the knit of it.

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