Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intertwined Swirl

I took advantage of the curlformer straitened hair ( see vid #101: ) and braided into this style. Start with hair parted into 4 sections. Make the first braid at an angle on section 1....make all subsequent braids follow the path of the first one towards the center of crown. Now starting with the back section of section 2...braid towards the center of crown. The hair in front that meets in the center part, place a braid on the right, then left,then right...alternating this way until center front is done. Then braid the ends of the center braids together.

Now following the curve of the head, braiding the back towards the center same as the front sections. Anchor all the hair in a ponytaiil....roll towards front, then anchor the ponytail with a bobbi pin.

Looks complicated when done....but its a simple braid pattern....and will keep the hair off my shoulders.

Click here to view  vid #101  

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