Monday, April 16, 2012

Curlformers and ORS hair pudding

Here's two ideas revisited. I used ORS olive oil girls pudding as a setting gel with my curlformers...and look at my hair! The set is firm and springy. I admit I didn't like this product at made my twist outs a little funky feeling and it smells like kool-aid. For hair felt a little stiff. However as a setting gel... ka-pow! Firm, soft, shiny hold. You can tell looking at the back where its doesn't do well on my hair by itself....but with. The roller set...that's a whole different look.

I have used setting gels, setting lotions, plain water and many other standard styling aids and the set wouldn't last, would look dry and there was no firmness to the would flop about an hour or two later. a whole new day...a match that can't be beat. I love this product for the purpose of rolling my hair on the curlformers. This will be my go to style.

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