Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Separate and prep.

Adding extensions is a wonderful protective style. However the way folks tend to prep the basically not prepping it....leaves them detangling, running out of time, and picking up alot if shed hair, and getting frustrated. Then when you makes it stick to your hands, clothes, and surrounding surfaces. All this, before you even spray it.

Better way: Before using the hair....prep it by cutting it in half...if you dont want the finished style to be too long, otherwise, use at the length it comes. The hair in the pack is 60 inches total lengthh...30 inches folded over. 15. Inches is long enough. For most cut it in half. Separate it into sections and place in a grid like seen here. Spray with moisturizer. Now when its time to apply a section of hair...all you have to do is grab and go. Also if you dont use all the hair, you can just pick them. Up the same way you put it down and place them in the proper order to form one large section...rubber band and store.

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