Saturday, October 20, 2012

I now have varieties!

NOW LISTED! Check links at the bottom.

Kaya's Softness, Mel's Favorite, Kaylan's Beautiful Skin, and coming soon Peachy Passion, Earl's Elite and Mom's Mango. These are named and formulated for the folks that inspired its creation.

Kaya's Softness: goatsmilk, yougurt, grapeseed oil...unscented, lavendar sage, and peach scents. Kaya's Softness was based on my need for soft skin even though Im sensitive to a lot of stuff...this does not break me out. The unscented smells like a glass of fresh poured milk...literally. very nice...very subtle. I use it on my face. The scented versions I use on my body. 

Mel's Favorite: Clear base, lavendar, peppermint and vanilla.

Kaylan's Beautiful Skin: olive oil, grapeseed oil, vanilla, lavendar, fresh bamboo and white grapefruit.

Peachy Passion: will be based on the needs of Peachy babygirl.

Earl's Elite: will be based on whatever Earl says he needs in a soap.

Moms Mango: its in the planning stage, the base is mango butter, there will be moisturization and oil reduction properties, and there probally will be no scent cuz mom doesnt like a bunch of scents.....the sellable varities may.

These are all cut to weigh at least 3oz and will sell for 5.00 each.

 Kaya's Softness 

 Mel's Favorite 

 Kaylan's Beautiful Skin 

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