Sunday, August 18, 2013

Customers are speaking out!

One thing as a soapmaker, I have found to be true, men are hard to sell to. They have a fave and wont try something new or they say "oh i dont need all of that."

However, that being said...i have become a new fave. One of my customers, Erik, knocked on the door yesterday to tell me he loves his soap and even though he planned to wait till it got cold outside to buy more....he started using it now. Loves the way it makes his skin feel and the scent. My bff gave her son a bar as a gift....just recieved this in my inbox:  Written review of perfect man... tested by Zac Pence:

"I'm a dude, I don't get into soap" *sniff* "OH, that smells GOOD! I'll definitely use this!"  (Initial conversation)

(One week later)

"I've been using that soap since you gave it to me. I love the way it smells, and the scent lasts all day. It smells clean and manly. I never paid attention to my skin before, but I can tell my skin is softer. I even shaved with it because I noticed it has a real thick lather."

<<I love getting email like this! Thanks Zac!>>

My brother has neglected all his name brand soaps for mine.

These soap was made when i first started making soaps...and therefore has no color. The next batch will have color....still deciding if its gonna be black and red...or shades of blue...etc. suggestions are welcome. Click the link to get yours now!

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