Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tilted Tiger...challenge accepted.

Tilted Tiger swirl with fearhered top. 4 colors. 1. Natural, 2. Coral reef blue, 3. True yellow, 4. Magic violet + diamond dust...tilted tiger ttechnique. The scent is lavender sage.  I find it kinda cool that lavender sage is green and purple...and that's what color the soap ended up being...totally unplanned. Haha in fact...facebook friends help with the color selection and I gave them no hints on the scent...primarily cuz I didn't know what scent I was using at that point. Haha

This soap has palm, coconut, canola and grapeseed oils. Gentle to the skin, an herbal assault on the senses, pleasing to the eyes...on the surface. Haven't got to the surprise inside yet. Its cpop'd in the oven...will see the insie tomorrow. If it came out anything like expected...its gonna be amazing.

check out for current inventory.

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