Monday, July 14, 2014

Silk and Chocolate ...cut!

The base came out pure white and refused to comb thru the other colors. The other colors gathered en-mass and nearly overboard the I smooth and swirled it and left the comb alone. I know what happened...the fo said "slight acceleration....but I didn't count on a thickening with the speed up. Well...I've used that scent twice.....the sunset swirl where the thickening actually helped as I was floating a round enbed into a square loaf....and this time....where I totally forgot it does that.

Well...the remix will still be silk and chocolate.........cuz up until that point it was awesome and no cramped hands which means the squeeze bottles are a keeper. The only thing diff will be the fo. The tried and true cherry overload. The comb has been remade even though the change in fo renders making a new one unneccessary.......planing for he big picture from the land of "whatif" as that's a territory fought with issues.  The only problem I've ever hand with the cherry will ash if used in excess with heat. Ex: the cpop was the las in the bottle and I said "heck with it...more won't hurt" ....the hot processed Purple Passion...did the same thing...and was nose blind for a week on top of it. As least I know going in...that's NO a good idea. Hahaha therefor...moderate amount of the tried and true fo, duplicate recipe, etc...and its a go!

There may be differences on the colors but all and all....its gonna be as close to the original attempt...only with a forseeable success. I admit I do like the 2tone the base lended to the silk and cocolate as it does very much remind me of a chocolate bar. The cure will be 4 weeks. So see me at the end of August to get your hands on this one.

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