Monday, April 21, 2014

Product ads designed to trick you into buying more product.

This says hair grows 4 inches a year. Incorrect.
All hair grows 1/2 inch...or more...per month.

Look at the new "lie"....there's a truth in advertising law....streching the my view... is still lying. Hair grows ...without products...on average 6 INCHES A YEAR ...not 4. So they want folks to believe their products causes a boost in average hair groth so that they run out and buy their stuff. For me...that's a reason to never buy their stuff cuz "what will they lie about next?"

Hair grows 1/2 inch a month, 6 inches a year....without cutting or trimming. If your hair grows slower than that...its under average, most folks hair gows at...or above average.

If they have to resort to this kind of nonsense...then they dont deserve trust. If you recognize the ad....and you reconize the truth of basic genetics....dont trust this product line or any like it.

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