Friday, May 30, 2014

6 months stroke free and smoke free!

Yep...I'm still here....was there a doubt? The doctor said "just get past 5 months..." and within that time he found the reason behind the stroke. I have outlived the prognosis......time to live with a man-made expiration date. Everything is in God's time now. However...i do find it intersting that at the 6 month mark I've gotten calls today from 3 different doctors and a nurse...checking up on me and making appts and such. My pcp (who is getting replaced soon) basically told me "don't worry about working ...the first year after a stroke when i asked how soon can i go back to work. At that point i didnt know my diagnosis so i was looking for a work release. This particular doctor has literally seen me 2x and then wrote a letter on my conditon that got my disability denied. So here i was...not able to go back to work and no money......then opps heres a tia........and another and another....and a diagnosis of a blood disorder and it goes on from there. Bottom line...God's not thru with me yet! So there! Time to find a doc that actually cares...and go on.

Stay blessed.

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