Saturday, July 12, 2014

I got my salad!

Facing surgery and an INR of 1.6 the only thing I really wanted was a salad. Off coumadin for a week, as a surprise....birthday party...totally thru me off. Hahaha thought I was getting a mani-pedi. Haha they got me good. Dinner was spaghetti and a mixed green salad........with spinach. I can't have spanich...tried to eat it anyway and my face...tingling, itching...instead of risking a closed throat...which undoubtedly the hospital stay would have interfered with my surgery...I behaved. The day before the surgery...inr was still too high at 1.1. The doctor told me to pick up a perscription of a mega dose of vitamin K (5 mgs is 'mega'...powerful stuff!) ..."buy a bottle of water when you pick it up....and take it immediately....then go get your salad...a larger one." First I said, "for real? You serious?" She said comadin and a salad with K is a lowere INR. It worked...they didn't cancel my surgery.

Now I have a great memory to appease me when the phantom toothache pain hits. Haha no teeth but I swear its like I ate a big piece of my cake. Ahhh well it will go away soon...and my personal cake has been frozen so soon as I'm able to eat solid foods again...that cake and a salad are the first things on my list. Haha we take salads seriosuly around here!

They made me wear closed toe shoes (which I had to buy...I only own boots and sandals) and my nail polish had to come off...the color wll be going back on soon as I get some of that color. As for the has REALLY gone down into a less scary look.

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