Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using a neti-pot

Using a neti-pot is a good thing. It is a cost effective and natural way to clear out the sinuses, remove excess mucusc, rid nostrils of allergens. It cleans nasal passages of dust, it dissolves mucus build up and relieves nasal dryness. It makes breathing easier before and after excercise and when entering a warm house after being out in the cold. A clean nose is a happy nose. This is worth a try. There are 2 in this house, I bought both of them on Amazon, about a year apart. One is ceramic...classic....mine...and warms to the tempurature of the water in it. The other is made of "bio-plastic" neti's....better for the evinroment as it can be recycled if you ever decide you dont want it. Also the eco pot is made in a way that it cant harm the enviroment and its unbreakable. Heres a vid showing how to use it: 

 214. Using a neti-pot 

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