Sunday, January 8, 2012

God is trying to tell me something!

"God always sends me an angel"'ve all heard me say that at one point or another...well brother and my pastor are dressed alike. My Sunday school class, teacher said turn to Romans 8;5....when I went to find it...found I was already at Romans 8:5 when I opened my bible. One of the friends in class gave me a Christmas present...1 bracelet and 2 angels. Then we go upstairs to worship...Pastor Pike preached about angels! God is trying to tell me something, huh?

Ok the morning started up, got washed and dressed, got gone. We have coffee and donuts in the fellowship hall every week. Pastor Pike came over and shook my hand. Deb sat down next to me and I thought...."oh...her present!" Her Christmas present has been riding around in my car for like 2 weeks. Yesterday, I cleaned out my car. So I figured I had about 15 mins before Sunday school started
and I live 6 mins away. So I zipped home, flung open the door...intent to run upstairs and grab Debs present...but seen my brother. He was facing away from me...I started cracking up and said, " wearing a striped tie?" He turned arround and said "ya...what?" I said "I gotta take your picture!" Hahaha my brother is also a preacher. Ironic huh?

When I get back to church, Mary had a gift for me...2 angels and a bracelet! I said thank you, sat down...put my finger in my bible on the new testament side and opened it. I do this so when its time to find the stated scripture, its not a search. When he said "if you will...turn to Romans 8: 5-13" I looked at my bible and realized I was already there. So I started giggling. The subject: be ready and able to tell someone why you believe what you believe.

Then....Pastor Pike's sermon was Luke 1: 5-25...about angels, their role and purpose in our lives. I LOVE days like this! It shows me that even though I always pay attention to God...He pays attention to me too. Don't know what's coming...but I feel like I'm being prepared for it.

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