Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rediculous packaging

I went to replace my biotin, 5000mcg caplets, 60 count. Got to the store and they only had it in softgels. What's the difference....biotn is biotin. Well I get it home and its time for the coffee bribe....I can't have my coffee until I take my vites...little game I play with myself, but it works. I open up the bottle....and stuck to the bottom....having to be shook to get them to release is 60 softgels. However....you couldn't tell by looking it was 60 because the 75% empty bottle distracts you. I actually counted them....twice. just to be sure.

The other bottle I had was half the size with 60 caplets in it and an inch of air. This bottle...all air. If companies use a standard size bottle, and just adjust the label....then put that infomation on the label. I feel like I'm paying for air. The smaller bottle, same amount, same vitamin, no air, cheaper price. This bottle, air. That's all I see....air...and a few vitamins down there....but I can't get past ....AIR. I'm so considering buying a different brand just to avoid the air. They need to change their packaging or I'll be changing my choices.

Video: Rant on Rediculous Packaging 

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