Sunday, May 6, 2012

Duck tape Wing tips

My fave boots...brass wing popped off....18 miles away from home. I remember scuffing a sewer grate but didn't realize the scuffle claimed the wing tip till I got home.

What to do? Well, I grabbed a pair of pliers and removed the other one. Then I removed the 3 prongs on both boots that held the wing tips on. I used the remaining wing tip as a pattern to make another set...out. of duck tape. Watch videos #398 and #399 to see how to do this repair. Quick, easy, kinda fun, totally finctional.

I could have made some with armiture wire or simply scrubbed off the deteriorating glue...but I chose to recreate them with duck tape. I think it came out rather well.

Give it a try.

 398. making Duck tape wing tips 
 399. duck tape wing tips 

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