Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My pimple zapper...

I was watching tv and they were talking about home made acne relief for under 10 bucks...suggested agave nectar mixed with asprin. Haha rediculous....it may work...if you KNOW you aren't allergic to asprin. Then they went over popular products on the market...outrageous.

What to do if you have skin so sensitive that it reacts to the seams in your clothes? Use what I use. My pimple zapper is the simplest thing on the planet...baking soda. I keep seeing the most rediculous concotions and produts on the market ranging in price from 7.00 to 50.00 bucks....or more. I buy a 1.00 box of baking soda about a month, among other things....I use it as a face scrub.

I wet my face and apply a paste of baking soda and water to it....adding more to any spots that's excessily oily or has the threat of a breakout. I scrub it...leave it a few mins, rinse it and go on with life.

I've been doing this for years...no pimples, no acne, no blemishes. Those all disappeared from my "pizza face" when I stopped buy stuff for acne. No matter how gentle the claimed to be...still broke me out. Turns out the active ingredient in a lot of the products...asprin. I'm allegic to asprin, topically as well as internally. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to baking soda and since I use it to wash my hair, and in the bath...I figure try it on my face. Success....it zapps oil, it cleans skin, and it rinses away clean.


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