Sunday, May 20, 2012

Say "Sorry" when you're wrong

This is what the mug is supposed to look like...only i had the 20 oz mug....this picture is on of a 12 oz mug.

Be a grown up....not a child. When you're wrong....admit it, appologize for it. To make excuses is just plain childish.

Brother broke my handblown coffee mug....stuck it in with the clean dishes....with pieces of glass falling out of it.  Then gonna tell me (when. I told him specifically-- don't wash my stuff...I'll do it.) "It was cracked when I washed it." Well now my NEW mug is broken. He owes me 20.00. If it was cracked...pisspoor excuse...not to mention an outright lie....then why would you touch it and even risk breaking it? Duh.

Accidents happen....if he had said "sorry, it was an accident" I wouldnt have been angry. And bottom line....he could have said sorry. No...he wants to make excuses. He needs to man up and get out. It wasnt even the broken mug that angered was the attitude attached to it. No appology and then an excuse. C'mon old are you? Mentally, I'd say around 9 or 10 years old, despite the actual years on the planet. Children make excuses. Grown ups do not.

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