Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Curlformers revisited

I bought another set of curlformers...that way I can do my whole head at the same time...without having to move some around or arrange the hair in a way that the lack of rollers could accommodate. worries.

The new set came with 2 more hooks so instead of loading 4 curlformers...I can load 8. This allows me to do my whole head in about 30 mins without rushing.

The only drawback....a curlformer set doesn't last long. If you use moouse like the directions get a good hold and dried out hair. Moouse is made with alcohol...a hair's worse enemy. If you use a moisturizer....the hair may not dry completely....resulting in partial curls and frizz. My pudding. It retains moisture and the set last more than a day. The pics here show a fresh set and the same set 3 days later.

Another solution....a natural humectant with holding power out of this world....sugar water. 2 tbs of white sugar in a bottle of water, shake, let dissolve completly...shake again. Spray each section as you go. Bam! Curls. Only thing....if you use sugar MUST use an oil spray (perferably with peppermint oil ) to maintain shine and to keep bugs away.

Everyone will tell you one kit is enough...if you are using the wide and're right. If you are using the long and narrows....then you will need more. The mouth of the narrow curlformers are only an inch wide...where as the wide ones can hold. A 2 inch section of hair....see how the math got flawed.

Anyway, curlformers are available at Sally's, they have starter kits for each style, but the styling kit is only available in the wides. Go to for a complete selection of all they have to offer. The shipping is fast too. Anyway that's enough about that....I'm gonna go do my hair.

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