Friday, June 29, 2012

The Sunny Zebra

The Sunny Zebra Wallet...and bonus earrings! Every purse I own has a built in wallet. My fanny pack did as well. New purse gifted to for everything but no built in wallet. Was not expecting that.

I took some sunshine yellow and some zebra print duck tape...attached it to a folded brochure cuz it was about the right size for a wallet...and there for the sunny zebra was born...and I didn't have to measure or anything like with the wallets before this one. However...since it did have an internal base of thick paper...folding it was I cut down the inner crease...folded the corners toward the bottom edge and trimmed that out. Without the middle....folds perfectly. So I added a zebra trim to the center. The scrap pieces have given me an idea for upcycling...those pieces are going to be earrings. They will be posted soon.

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