Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gifts from route 643 and 169.

These are gifts from the children ...and the parents on my bus. Some are very thoughtful, some are from the heart, some...the thought is what counts. All are appreciated.

One child surprised me by asking to take my pic...this child acted like he hated me for the whole year for making him obey the safty rules. I hope he doesnt morph my pic into a monster. Hahaha nahhh...hes a good kid...just a little too much sugar in his diet.

Thank you for the gifts Andrew, Leah, Emma, Edward, Benjamin, Tamyra, Devon, Jacob M., Toni, Fatumata, Mikiahya, Chyna, Mrs. Klus, Mrs. Schmidt, Kaitlyn and Jeremy! Thank you passengers of routes 169 and 643 for making this a fun year.

Have a wonderful summer and hopefully I'll be your driver next year as well.

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