Sunday, May 1, 2011

Size 12!

My new jeans are slightly too big and yes....that is a 12 you see on the
label. It's so great to buy clothes in the teens and not the 20's bit
imagine my shock when I took back 14's for a better fitting pair of 14's
only to discover the better a size 12. No teens, no dubs,
12....with room. Mom bought me some lowriding 14's bought as a gift that
fit odd cuz I'm not built like that anymore since I'm not a teenager
anymore. This woman has curves. But apparently after much working out
and then the stopping of the working out having reached a plateau and
discovering I didn't care anymore and just accepted I was gonna stay at
size 16...haha...down to down to 12. What I find amazing about this: when I stopped dieting and working out...I went back to
junk food and vegging in front of the tv. I figured I'd gain a pound or
two...but the plateau would be broken...who knew the scale would go the
other way. Hahaha

I've also discovered that instead of sitting for long periods and
getting everything I need to do done in a mad dash between commercial if I need something I go get it...and figuring out on what
I missed by watching the next scene. The lazy me apparently kinda
sneaked away. Anyway...I have noticed I've been wearing belts with my
jeans lately (all size 16) and most comfy in my sweats...(10/12) which
should have been a giveaway that the belly is flat, the hips are smaller
and I actually have a shape that looks more like an hourglass instead of
a balloon. Anyway...just thought I'd share. Will be gathering up all the
too bigs over the next few weeks and giving them away as I replace them
with stuff that does fit.
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