Sunday, May 1, 2011

Self portrait table runner

This is a table runner I made in 1990 when I first learned how to quilt.
As you can see the stitching goes all the way surface work
here. The hair style if you could see it is supposed to be a feathered
flip...which is how I used to wear it back them. The fruit baskets and
the frame around the portrait was my first endeavor using stencils, and
the edging was a folded picot treatment I learned in a Fons and Porter

Then I spilled coffee on it...put it in the laundry...and it went the
way of socks....found the portal to another dimension and was not seen
from until about a week ago. Found it in the bottom of a pile of clothes
that were gonna be given away...I don't think's back...I'm gonna
use it. As a work surface for my jewelry creations. Regular stain
removal methods are not having any effect. Bleaching or dying may be a
last resort...but I'm not really worried about that...I'm just happy to
have it back.
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